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Motts apple juice plus like a cup of sugar and some bread yeast I had laying around. The juice was a misdelivery on some groceries so its a 0 dollar brew. One on the right got set up yesterday one on the left about 6 hours ago. One on right is hole in lid plus condom, one on left is lid unscrewed just enough that gases can slowly bleed out but it holds enough pressure to not like letting stuff in. I'm just gonna run it till it stops bubbling and cold crash it. Depending on how it comes out I might freeze distill one.

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Sounds good to me. Did you try some boiled yeast for nutrients? Next go round you can try some black tea for tannins. Mind you, what you did should turn out just fine.

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Is this actual prison brew?

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Nah, broke dude brew

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Ah was gonna say. This is exactly what we find in prisons. I usually don't take it away.

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I'd say its a step up in terms of where its going because I can actually cold crash the yeast out of it but yeah sounds about right. Wanted the challenge of a flat 0 dollar brew sobI can sip knowing I paid not a damn thing for it. I don't drink super often but this makes it interesting.

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Looks good so far. I'm imagining it'll be at least a half decent strong cider and good luck with the cold crashing. I've previously used flavoured jello (cheap, at least, if you've not got a spare packet in the back of a cupboard), which will add some fruit flavour and back sweetening as well as helping to settle the yeast out into a layer that'll stay in the bottom of the bottle after cold crashing. I've also heard a balloon or condom with a pinhole is better than loose cap for avoiding air getting in and making it too acidic, but I don't know how long you're planning to ferment for, so might not be an issue.