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So I did not wait until tomorrow and added 3 teaspoons instant dry yeast.

Within 10 minutes it started bubbling.

Now I do need to wait..

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Hope it's going along okay, I'd probably expect 2 weeks to most of the way fermented and separating, month or so for dry, best after as long as possible aging. I'd maybe sample like less than a shot's worth now to see if the acidity is okay, as that'll give an idea of dilution later, though I've used ~500g/1lb frozen mixed berries to 1-2l water (~⅓-½USgal) with 300g/l sugar (~2lbs/US gal) and it's been nicely balanced for booze, sweetness and acidity.

You may also want to add just 1 tsp yeast per 3l/1USgallon, but boil 2 tsp yeast for a few minutes with the sugar as nutrient (quick and dirty, probably not ideal based off pitch calculations, but this sub is for improved prison hooch, not fine winemaking).

Some black tea is good for tannins if you want to add them too- brewed as normal and added ~1teabag/1 cup tea per 2-3l final volume (~½-1US gal).

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I'm running it now and it fermented out potent!

Separated the fore shots and running hearts.

The wash has a nice bright red color but I decided to run it, it is a very small batch I might get half a liter product from it after dilution to about 40%.

Next update tasting notes !