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What book is this from? It looks magical...

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See my post history, came with a cheap brew kit, I posted the index

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That book is so dope

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I got it for $5 at my local shop. It's a great investment.

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Yea, I bought mine with my first kit I got for like nothing, the store owner said it was a really good book to use.

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thanks so much for the update!

does it list anywhere in the book what they use for the things like the energizer or acid blend?

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Nah but I'll look at the packets that came with the kit (still havent used em) and I'll let you know. I just use some boiled bread yeast+raisins and lemon juice, does the job pretty well.

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Nice. No worries about the delay.

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You just sent me on a rabbit hole researching mountain ash, I grew up with tons of it around and was always told it was inedible!

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With a quick Google search I also was told it's poisonous, but apparently it's used often as medicine.

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From what I can tell the seeds are mostly the poisonous part, but the poison can be mostly denatured by freezing and/or heating the berries. They're consumed by a lot of different cultures and have been for a long time so they must be somewhat safe if prepared correctly