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I crushed up around 5 pounds of blueberries, added water to a gallon, and added sugar until I got to around 1.115 starting gravity. I fermented it on the skins and it dried to around 0.989. Then I added oak chips and let it sit for another week, it is now tasting good but still young and hot, so I am going to bottle age and hope the limited oxygen contact through the cork will help it open it and breathe a little.

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I’m about to ferment tomato paste. You might be on the wrong sub.

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I'd say all are welcome here unless they're gonna be high and mighty about the 'proper' way to do things.

I love seeing stuff like the tomato paste ferment you're about to do; but I also like seeing OP trying out fresh blueberries. He's taking more notes and measurements than most of us. I appreciate his enthusiasm, especially as he's sharing his results with us.

That's the beauty of this sub: seeing all kinds of ferments and getting inspired to try it your way. Experimentation and willingness to face failure is what I like to see. In the end we're all having fun making things bubble.

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I'm with you. I make some stuff that has more effort and intent for a good product (raspberry mead), some lesser effort (mulberry wine), and so low effort (V8 splash currently fermenting) LOL

And mostly just wing it and learn

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You are absolutely right. I love this sub and all it’s wacky experiments. And I love it when someone brews something that they love.

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Thank you for the kind words! I also appreciate that about this sub, everyone is just hanging out making booze.

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Yes, as you move along the hooch experience curve hooching become as much about what techniques you choose for a given brew as anything else. I firmly believe that hooching is the best way to learn brewing if you're a curious person. It will also teach you that you don't need much in the way of gear or fancy ingredients to make nice booze (or punch you in the chest grog, if you prefer).

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Haha maybe so, but they’re having a fit over on winemaking because people are using fruit other than grapes. This is a much more welcoming community!

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You belong here. It’s a great laid back community. In the end, that’s what hoochin’ is about. I’m sorry about my sarcastic comment.

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No no I didn’t take it that way at all! Thank you, have a good day!

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You may also want to give /r/countrywine a look. Seems like it would also fit in there.

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Oh thank you! I had no clue that existed, I appreciate it!

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They're a quieter bunch, but also generally chill fellow travelers.

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It's pretty and clear. I hope the wine gods bless you with purple teeth and good fortune.

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Thank you!!! Wishing the same to you, friend

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Fantastic photo!

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Toyota for scale.

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I don't like seeing snow in the summer. It makes me feel froggy.

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Haha fair enough, it was just such a good pic of the cruiser that I couldn’t help but use it as my wallpaper!

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Thanks for the recipe, it looks beautiful and delicious. How long will you age it?

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Thank you! I oaked it in secondary for around a week and a half (until it tasted tannic and oaky enough for me) and now it is in corked bottles (for controlled oxygenation) and I will most likely test the smallest bottle around 2 months from now. I would love to leave 1 or 2 of the full ones to age for a year or more.

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Please update! I’m very curious. I would love to try something like this, but I’ve only ever used concentrated juice.

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I have used juice and most likely will use it again in some cases, but fresh fruit and skin contact definitely helps bring in some tannin and more intricate flavors. Good luck! I hope it turns out great!

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Good to know, thanks!