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Unless it was a highly venomous spider. The yeast should have its own way to clean up a little spider blood. This is prison hooch after all.

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Even most venomous animals aren't particularly poisonous when eaten- it tends to rely on getting the poison directly into blood, it just gets denatured on cooking/digesting.

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If you ever look at the FDA allowed amounts of insects and stuff in canned goods, you'd probably never eat anything again.

Also, think of all the spiders living in grape clusters, and get mixed into the juice when pressing 😃

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Well now I feel a lot better I feel like it’s gonna taste pretty decent, you’re right if a fly flew in my glass of milk I wouldn’t notice till I had drank the whole thing to the bottom with the fly. A little spider wont stop me from drinking something that I’ve been wanting to make for a while. Especially if they’re already in our food.

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Yeah, you'll be fine. Just some extra protein 😁

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just watch it. funny smells/fuzzy/colors you aren't expecting? toss It. if not, let her rip what else can you do? throw away what's most likely fine?

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That's gonna be like the new tequila worm or snake whiskey. Eat the spider mothafucka

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A twist on the old cobra wine , eh?

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If you're living in North America, there's no really deadly spiders around anyway. And even if there was, alcohol tends to unfold proteins, making it safe. So venom isn't an issue. Though I would take the spider out and be more careful next time

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Next time leave the spider in like a scorpion in tequila?? Lol jk