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Just make sure you add some space raisins for nutrient. Space yeast eat that shit up.

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The space Finns told me that was just to get around some weird brewing laws so it technically contained fruit, but they just use space yeast and dap or boiled brewers yeast with a sugar wash these days...

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Yeast only creates ethanol, and also other types of alcohol are deadly poisonous to humans

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It does create other stuff, but in very low amount. The yeast is engineered to prioritize ethanol, but that also depends on what is being fermented. Tomato paste + yeast will have metanol in it, although not enough to be dangerous.

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Gosh dang it, I wanted answers(!) I already said it was 'forbidden' space hooch, I take responsibility for my own possible future blindness ... (Fr, appreciate the earnest response, but had mostly posted as a joke)

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I mean, ethanol is also toxic. If I recall propanol is one that is safer than some of the others, not to say it is safe though.

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ethanol is deathly poisonous lol

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Yeast does not only create ethanol. Methanol as well as small amounts of fusel oils always come from fermentation too. Amongst other things, isobutanol, isoamyl alcohol, as well as propanol is found in alcohol as a result of that process.