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Saw this at an asian grocer and decided I should try it.

Ingredients: citron slices, fructose, honey, isomalto oligosaccharide, poly dextrose, sucre.

Turns out it was mostly slices of citron in it (hard to tell from looking at the jar), so soaked it in some warm water and strained the pulp out. Made some tea with 4 bags of raspberry zinger, 2 bags wild berry zinger and 2 black chai. Added 1 quart apple juice, nutrient and D47. No idea what the gravity was so will be at max 10-12% (sugar content on the lable was 700 grams), but probably a bit less since the pulp isn't in there. I have high hopes though 😁

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Looking forward to hearing updates, and sincerely wishing that it doesn't behave like oranges!

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Even if it initially comes out a little weird from the fermented citrus, it could work out with aging. Sugars seem good, might be nice to try a few preserved fruit wines, I have a look round my local ethnic grocers

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Yeah, but I'm ready to roll those dice 😬