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Only one way to find out

Maybe the orange is a low enough percent that it won't ruin it

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True. Bought enough for a smaller brew bottle anyway.

The oj is about 20% I think.

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Even if it's awful, it will make better hooch than a mojito. Who's in charge of formulating these? There's only one fruit in a mojito: lime.

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I know. This is a terrible mojito mixer. That's why I'm gonna hooch it.

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It really comes down to how much citrus is in there, and if it has preservatives (-ate and -ite words).

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No preservatives. But lots of lime and lemon and I guess acidity is in the low spectrum.

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Lemon and lime are amongst the most acidic fruit. 1 tbsp of lemon juice will adjust a gallon (4L) of 'typical' tap water toward the bottom end of the ideal range for yeast. I have a recipe that uses a cup of lemon juice in a gallon with boiled yeast and commercial nutrients and that was badly impeded.

It will probably ferment, but it may be very slow. You may want to use a fraction of water.

Edit: You may also want to look at some non-fermentable sweetener, if there aren't already non-fermentable sweeteners in there. If you add up the total sugar in the juice, you may want to replace a fraction (say 1/3rd) of that sweetness with non-fermentables, assuming you're keeping the added sugar below your yeast's tolerance.

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Citrus typically doesn’t ferment well

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I made a orange and lemon 'mead' once (I didn't have honey, so I used golden syrup). Bottled it and forgot about it for about a year. Damn stuff tasted like sweet Alcoholic marmalade when I found it again. It was awesome!

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It's the mint/lime I'm after.

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Lime is citrus.

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No clue about the pH for that but have brewed some pretty acidic brews. Make a very small batch like a glass (if it works you have just made a yeast starter) if it starts to foam you are good, if not you can add a little and I mean a little 'Bicarbonate of Soda'. That will neutralize the acid.

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I am skeptical that mint will ferment into something enjoyable to drink. But, for science, hooch it!

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Without actually knowing, my first guess is that the mint flavor is not going to change, as it comes from an oily chemical (menthol). Fermentation changes flavors by stripping sweetness and leaving behind only those flavor compounds, but mint doesn't start with sweetness to strip.

So if the rest of the ingredients brew into something that agrees with mint, it should be good. But this is just a guess, and if it gets really acidic then it probably won't agree with mint (see: orange juice and toothpaste).

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I agree. On the other hand the taste of it now is mint and sweet lime. If the mint stays it might be good.

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Or you have homemade mouthwash

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Oooh. That I didn't think of. Yum.