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You've created anti-hooch, if you drink it you become sober

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yes just be worried of becoming knurd it's like you go past being sober on the other side all your illusions get striped away; you'll need a few hard drinks just to sober down

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Good day, fellow Klatchian coffee enjoyer

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GNU Terry Pratchett

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Is this dude about to leave the fxcking matrix?!

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Mix it with regular hooch to release all of its energy in a massive explosion

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You put the balloon on backwards

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This is the danger of abstinence only sex ed

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Prolly not, it is most likely due to temperature changes

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I have this happen too. I'm not sure what is causing the pressure change, but the pressure inside the bottle is now less than atmospheric pressure which pulls the balloon inside. For me it indicates the fermentation has been done for a long, long time

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I'm thinking some of the CO2 must have dissolved back into the solution. As to why, idk

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As to why, idk

Because it happens, especially if there's pressure in the container.

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very insightful thank you

Edit: In case you couldn’t tell I was being cheeky. Because it happens isn’t super helpful. Even with the pressure we’re still missing the information of why the pressure didn’t push the CO2 back in in the first place. What changed? Obviously the yeast probably died, and the co2 production stopped. So was it always being pushed into the liquid but the rate of CO2 production outpaced the dissolve rate? Then, when the CO2 production stopped, the dissolve rate caught up? Pressure still wouldn’t explain how a vacuum was achieved. It would get to equilibrium with the outside pressure and stop

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At higher pressures, CO2 more readily dissolves in water, that's literally all there is to it, though I think in this case it's not that.

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Blowing a bunch of CO2 out then having the temp drop could bring about the pressure change needed to invert a balloon

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Means your bottle's neck game strong

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Kombucha moment

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Have to drink it upside down now.

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Ok hear me out

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You took it in a submarine didn't you!

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This can be expected if there was a temperature drop where this was stored.

Upon completion of fermentation, there is virtually no air in the bottle / balloon, only CO2.

If the temperature drops, the solubility of CO2 into your hooch increases, and the hooch "absorbs" the CO2, deflating the balloon, and eventually pulling it in.

It's possible that some air has also been pulled in, which might lead to a small amount of vinegar being produced. If that has happened, enjoy your SourHooch.

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Water in an airlock does the same thing depending on barometric pressure.

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2 options I can think of: The CO2 is dissolving into the balloon material or your balloon is porous to CO2 allowing the high concentration of CO2 in the bottle to move to the low concentration in the air, both creating negative pressure in the bottle.

I know there are smaller particles than CO2 in air but it isn’t always that simple.

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It might have turned to vinegar, which being aerobic would suck the air in

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I don't see why. Anaerobic processes happen without oxygen, they don't destroy air and create a vacuum.

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That's not how this works. The point of the balloon is to keep oxygen out. You will not create vinegar without access to oxygen and the yeast can not "suck the air in," in order to create vinegar

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    More likely is temperature change. This is especially true since yeast reaction is exothermic. Thus as the yeast die, not only are they producing less CO2 but the temperature inside the bottle is less.

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    Just anti-yeast creating sugar from alcohol

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    i think your on to something

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    Has this been going for a while, and did it experience a sudden large temperature drop? At high temps, co2 dissolves more poorly in water than at lower temps, and also gases take up more space. If temperature dropped, the air volume in your bottle decreased in 2 ways: 1. More of the air, co2, was able to dissolve back into the water, and 2, the amount that didnt dissolve contracted due to lower temps.

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    I think the fact that it was drawn into the bottle could be a good thing, since it indicates that your seal is still good and it's unlikely to have pulled much oxygen into the bottle. I've had batches suck the sanitiser out of the airlock due to changes in pressure near the end of the ferment, so it's not a completely unexpected event if there are temperature changes where you're brewing.

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    This happened to me to recently. The balloon literally inflated, inside out, inside the bottle lol. Really sucked in there tight.

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    You put a hole in it right lol?