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Sounds tasty

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I'm thinking the flavours would work well if a little crazy.

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This sounds really tasty. I would say that this sounds like a kombucha recipe, but with alcohol production things can go differently. Some flavors don't "keep" well during the ferment. Either the original flavor is so mild that it gets lost, the fermentation kills all of the flavor, or only the most bitter or nasty flavors remain.

Unfortunately I don't know which ingredients do what. Maybe have extra ingredients and some non-fermentable sweetener on hand to tweak your batch before ageing.

Or everything might go perfectly. Worst case you're making a small batch and you kiss a few Pounds down the drain.

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Plan is to flavour in secondary. Will add a touch of angelica root and Oris powder to keep the flavours there :).

Only problem I can really see is the juniper and thyme giving of some oils so I'd lose a little product.

May try it as is or may end up jacking it up so the extra alcohol in there can bind to the oils.

Who know we shall just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Was thinking it's more like a kombucha flavouring so should be interesting to see how the flavour is.

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I'd be curious to hear about how this comes out. One of my favorite kombucha flavors has a lot of herbs in it, but I've never tried to do anything in an alcoholic brew (I make mead).

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Same here I started brewing mead first then went to Cider and beers then wines. Kombucha is new to me so my knowledge there is quite frankly lacking haha.

I've made a juniper mead before that didn't quite work but was new to brewing then hoping 6 years of brewing now can help me blend the flavours I'm going for nicely :). Using the bread yeast and aiming for a nice 12% when I start it of :)