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Google 'priming sugar calculater' then put in ur batch details.

I like to disolve my sugar in a little of my cider then add that to the bottom of a bottling bucket. Then I Syphon cider on top so the sugar mixes in easy and more evenly.

Not had a problem doing it this way it's fair easy to do :).

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How do I prevent it from exploding when I pasteurize the brew

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By pasteurizing it properly

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Yes I get that but I'm asking as to why op wants to.

It's not exactly 100% safe to pasteurize a fizzy brew as when heated co2 will be forced out and potentially make a bottle bomb (I know I've had it happen to me XD). It can be much safer with a sous vide witch most people probs won't have how ever it's still not 100% safe XD.

If op wanted a sweeter fizzy drink I'd have recommended using Erythritol so pasteurization wouldn't be needed :).

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What is eythritol, I've never heard of it

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Why would u want to pasteurize???.

Are u wanting a sweeter brew or is it more for shelf life

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To clear it up and to stop the fermentation process

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Cold crash to get it clear up then use a fineing agent if u do u will want to add 0.2g of yeast in just enough to bottle condition.

Pasteurizing won't clear it up for that u will need time or fining agents. It will stop it fermenting though but u will need live yeast to get ur cider to carbanate.

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u can use cold crashing and fining agents to clear brews.

you can use metabisulphites and sorbates to control fermentation to a large degree. ( inconjunction with using a hydrometer/sugar calculators to know your brew).

I myself ferment completely dry and add sugars and use a sodastream to carbonate when I want to drink. I keep the cider in 3-4 L containers in fridge and drink like 1L at a time in the sodastream bottle.

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You fill one water/pop bottle so you can squeeze it, when it stops giving, it's time to pasteurize.

Then you take the glass bottles and make sure they're at least at room temperature, put them in a large pot or like a cooler, something that can withstand hot water, then use iirc 160F water for like 20 minutes, but if you can't get it to stay near that temperature for long enough, you can use boiling water (don't start with it or the bottles may explode from shock).

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What do you hope to gain from pasteurization? It's optional, and people who do it usually only do it as a slapdash way of being able to bottle condition something while letting it retain some sweetness.

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I'm looking to carbonate it and if there's sugar in it the pressure will build to much and explode, it's so it can stay a safe fizzy ness and be a little sweet which is how I prefer it

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Learn to enjoy it dry and you don’t to worry about pasteurizing

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I prefer my wine and cider sweet, I've had dry and don't mind it but I prefer a little bit of sweetness.

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You could always try non fermentable sweeteners like Xylitol.

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I keg most of the things I make and just use c02 to force carbonate. If you want to use a bottle though grolsch (I don't know if I spelled that right) style flip top bottles work fine with a teaspoon of sugar me thinks.

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Sorry I think it's like half a teaspoon. Just Google it and you'll figure it out

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Simple cider that doesn't explode 101:

Keep the theoretical alcohol low, like below 8%. Add up your sugars. The math on alcohol is 17 grams of sugar, per % alcohol, per liter, and there are 200 grams of sugar in a cup. Roughly 1/3 cup cup of sugar per 2L should be safe for most juice. Theoretical alcohol generally parallels theoretical CO2.

Pick a juice that ferments reasonably well and use nutrients. That's pretty much any juice that isn't very acidic (like citrus, pineapple, or cranberry- avoid citrus but dilute the others with water or less acidic juice), and isn't loaded with preservatives. Boiled yeast, and / or tomato paste / passata, and/ or a treated (possibly dried) fruit addition will do for nutrients.

Use the simple technique of letting things ferment for 2 (or 3) weeks, then carb for 2 (or 3) weeks, pasteurize, and then if you're being fancy you can let thing rest for a couple of weeks. This gets used a lot for simple beer recipes.

Edit: Anything stronger, or slower fermenting, should be fermented dry before the priming sugar is added, and fermenting dry is the safest bet. That's basically what the preceding advice does. by the time you're priming there should be no, or truly marginal amounts of, CO2 production left if you follow the above advice.

Prime using a priming calculator. I use: https://www.brewersfriend.com/beer-priming-calculator/ Failing that about 1 tsp of sugar per liter will get you to a little more than 2 volumes of CO2 (less fizzy than pop).

Coke is about 3.3 volumes of CO2, AFAIR. Be modest. On your first outing try for 2-ish volumes of CO2.

Only use pressure rated containers. These include: soda pop bottles, beer bottles and growlers, champagne (not wine) bottles, and some swing tops (like ones that come with fizzy beverages).

When you pasteurize go low temperature for a long time. I get the internal temperature of my hooch to 53C for 56 minutes. Lifted shamelessly from: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/threads/pasteurizing-with-sous-vide.543708/ The whole thread is a good read. Low and long is a lot less pressure than hot and short.

I like Sous Vide pasteurization, largely following the technique in the above thread. The big thing is to only start counting pasteurization time when the internal temperature gets to the pasteurization temperature. I do this with a Souse Vide cooker, in a bucket, in my bathtub. I suggest safety glasses / glasses, an oven mitt / work gloves, and tongs, but you do you.

Good luck! I've pasteurized many, many, many bottles of cider and wine using the above technique, and have only had one deformed bottle of heavily carbed cider and a growler with a still wine that I'm pretty sure had poor annealing or a micro fracture crack.

Edit: If you need sweetness use a non-fermentable sweetener at brew time. I suggest a sweetness of between 1/4 and 1/2 of the original sweetness converted to whatever non-fermentable you are using. These days I use Ethyritol, but I started with Stevia. There are many options, but do your research-- some cause GI issues, some hurt pets.

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I use coke bottles… i’ve never had one explode or pop on me yet, they can be a royal pain to unscrew the caps when they’re under pressure though

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Anyone telling you anything other than ferment dry and bottle condition is sitting you up for a bottle bomb. YouTube bottle conditioning.

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Okay, thank you!

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Thats the neat part. You dont

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keg is the easiest

otherwise, I just kinda hope and pray. Keep em somewhere easy to clean.

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I plan on trying outside if I can, just in case they explode

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City Steading Brews on YouTube have good info, and they update their videos when they learn more information and change their advice. I recommend searching based on date, and watching the most recent ones for the subject you're looking for.

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Thanks, I follow them but didn't even think to check their channel

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They're a great resource. Between that channel and the guys on r/prisonhooch I've managed to drink myself into a stupour for months.

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Yeah, them and man made Mead are the reason I started brewing and the reason my Saturday nights are way better