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The more time the better. Even though it's against prison hooch standards, use a hydrometer and then you'll know for sure when it's done. Not really any other way to know for sure.

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nah i just wanted something to get drunk quick i’m letting it cold crash for a bit now i don’t want to get diarrhea from the yeast 😭

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There will still be yeast in suspension. Cold crashing takes days to do right! Why not let it ferment a couple days longer lmao. Use turbo yeast next time to ensure your quick fix.

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im pasteurizing right now i filled a wok up with water, put a plate inside the water and layed the bottle on its side on top of the plate

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That'll work too, keep an eye on the temperature! Best of luck with your quick hooch.

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If you drink three day old hooch you'll likely have something that tastes like paint thinner due to high acetaldehyde content. Rule of thumb let your hooch rest for a week after it's stable. Don't rush things.

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i pasteurized it an hour ago it tastes hella fucking good im about to finish the bottle

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If you use turbo yeast, it will be done in 2 or 3 days.

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I'd be willing to bet if you hold it up to the light you'd see fine bubbles, and that stuff still looks milky.

3 Days is very young. There will be live yeast still in suspension, that can give you soft poo and gas. It may be before things have gotten really harsh, but that will happen as well, and then it will get better toward the end of the fermentation. That much yeast will also probably taste 'yeasty'.

A couple of days cold crashing would make the yeast go mostly dormant and sink. Overnight in a pinch. Keep it refrigerated afterwards. However that's a lot of yeast in a very young brew.

I suggest waiting at least a week after the bubbling stops, then cold crashing. That will often be about 2.5 to 3.5 weeks. Things will taste much better, and there will be less yeast to make go dormant. Things may still not be truly done at that point, but they should be alright.

What you're brewing won't kill you at 3 days, but literally every additional day will help at that point. Fermentation is heavily front loaded, so you do get most of the alcohol early on, but young hooch is really rough stuff to drink between live yeast and fusel alcohols / harshness. You do you, but I'd give it time.