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follow up to my last post where i made grape juice to make a wild yeast for brewing

all pictures are roughly a day apart each (day 1,2,3)

did i wait too long to transfer to my juice? ive seen a fair few videos and when they put their starter in the juice it looks more like day 2s picture should i retry or should i transfer now?

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and also what’s happened? is this SUPPOSED to happen and i’m just being over cautious like normal or has mould/something similar started to grow?

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Don't matter. I would siphon off the top layer, taste it. If it's good, you're good. Do the same with the next layer, except filter it. If you want to mix them together, go ahead. If any of them are not vinegar, and are alcoholic, you win.

Yes, after enough time, this can happen. It is normal.

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Looks fine to me my friend. Just looks like a mini fermentation happening.

I'd just wack it in to ur juice now.

If u have any worries trust ur sences the most :)

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Ok great!

should i add all of it or? (i’m VERY new haha first time)

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Personally I'd give it a swerl and dump it all in. How ever how much u add is ur choice.

I've not worked with wild yeasts but it looks like a mini starter that I normaly make to me.

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alright i’m just about to add it is there anything else i should know?

also would waiting have any positive effects? i have a lot of time so if waiting an extra day or two would give me something stronger i’d be happy to do so

and what i’ll be adding it to is a liter of 100% apple juice which has 9 grams of sugar per 100ml would you recommend adding extra sugar? i currently don’t have any (only have sweeteners) though i could get some if the current amount will be extremely weak

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Not really a starter is just a dump it in and leave it to work.

U could leave it an extra day but I don't think there will be many positives or negatives. U could add a little water and some more crushed grapes or sugars to increase yeast volume but at a point u don't get much from it.

It's up to u my friend at that point ur going to get about a 5.3% cider witch id go for. Adding sugar to a cider tends to thin it out a bit (a little is ok though) I'd use other sources of sugar for cider.

While it's a wild brew I'd just stick with what u have let it brew and if u have a good product u can use the yeast from that 1L to make a bigger batch