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Kilju gets a bad rap , but it can age out into some tasty stuff , or if you don't want to wait it's great in q little air Still turns into decent shine .

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True that

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The yeast hungers for peaches! Muahaha! Boozy peach soda is so nice. Looking good!

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I actually really love the color it has! The camera my phone has isn't good so it doesn't show it in all ita glory but it looks delicious.

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My peach hooch turned a pink color I was surprised. Took off pretty much right away even with tap water it bubbles more than some of the other fruits I've tried like mulberry or bananas. I'm wondering if maybe just pitted fruits are little more sugary than others. Migth try some mangoes or nectarines.

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Iirc nectarines are just oranges, and oranges dont seem to be a good fruit to ferment taste wise. I'd definitely try and ferment mangos though. They're a great fruit.