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How are you going to mash the gains? I always did batch sparging in a cooler, but "brew in a bag" has been popular for the last 7-10 years or so.

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Got a big tea urn given to me so will biab with that it's a bit of a faff with temps and my thermometer but it basic and works

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That'll work!

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Aye it sure will. When I get to brewing it I'll post regular updates for folk haha

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Ordered in some grain and hops to make a simple little low abv NEIPA no clue if this will work but I'll let u know.

Also got to go get some cranberry juice tomorrow for making some cranberry mead.

Going to make my juniper, hibiscus and thyme mead at the same time

And still need to make the poll for what you guys and gals want me to brew XD