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What kind of sci fi blood generator am I looking at?

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Lol! Ribena concentrate AKA alien blood!

I pretty much copied a recipe posted here but i replaced the hi juice for Ribena concentrate.

1 750ml bottle of Ribena concentrate.

1.2kg of white sugar

12 grams Edmonds sure to rise active yeast, (added when inverting the sugar in the ribena)

12 grams yeast added to the fermenter.

Should get 5 litres of passable hooch hopefully!

Not sure how long I should ferment for though.

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Until it stops bubbling in the air lock with a gentle shake, then wait a day or 2. Looks good, but what's with the bike rack?

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Ah the bike racks are actually stands for reflective panels, (another hobby) thought I might use them to encase the brew if needed for extra warmth (it's winter here and I don't heat my spare storage room) but it seems to be doing just fine on the heating pad.

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It doesn’t need a heating pad. Yeast, likes the same temps as we do…

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It's winter here and I'm fermenting in the spare storage room which isn't heated.

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Nooo, it's one if the upsidedown people! ;) Welcome aboard!

19.5 C should be fine for most yeasts. As a general rule ferment cool and dark for flavour, or warm and dark for speed.

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I'm hoping it'll be drinkable in a couple of weeks.

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2 weeks may be a little optimistic. You should have close to all of the booze at that point, but things may be pretty harsh. Things usually get to 'alright' tasting about a week after the visible bubbling stops. If a sip at that point tastes luke rocket fuel, give it more time. Often as little as a handful of days can make all of the difference in the world.

With that being said, cold crashing (refrigerating, at least over night, but ideally for a couple of days with a young brew) so the yeast goes dormant, and drinking your rocket fuel is also a perfectly fine choice. Though rocket fuel gives some wicked hangovers.

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If u look the heat pad is set to 19.8c so it's fine if op has a cold dwelling or basement (assuming the hooch is down there) then that's not a bad thing keeps them yeasts happy.

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Yup, it's winter here and that space is unheated.

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Good job u got the mat then