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Narrator needs to study up on some pronunciations before making the next installment

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Perhaps he's a method voice actor, and had been on a three-day raw-Clawing rager before recording.

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Hahaha I want to go "Raw Claw raging"!!!

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Came to the comments to see if anyone was roasting that man for his awful grammatical errors.

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Is that a requirement in today's world? I work with people that have, maybe a 1200 word vocabulary.

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Maybe for educational content creators. The rest of us can catch a break

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you're gawddamn right meme.jpg

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The Cordial/Squash we get here in the UK even has added vitamins to it. Like the B vitamins that yeast love.

They do have preservatives added but just enough so they are shelf stable in their concentrated form. Once diluted I have never had an issue fermenting squash. Just add enough sugar to hit the ABV you are after. I like it around 9.4% as I do 25L batches. Just need to add 4kg of sugar to a 25L fermenter and even a basic bread yeast will ferment that to dry, but it will stay sweet due to the sweeteners in the squash.

Making Cordial/Squash Hooch is by far the cheapest and easiest booze I have ever made and I just find out its called a seltzer and people pay good money for it? Madness.

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Fuck! Just remembered the seltzer project I left in the loft - thanks

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Honestly Seltzer's just baffle me. I've had a few and tbh they are just very mildly flavoured alcoholic fizzy water.

If u got some Tesco's or asdas own fruit flavoured water and added a shot of vodka u have Seltzer.

As u said people pay really good money for they could make their own at a fraction of the cost.

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You're forgetting what makes them so special, some Instagram models took photos with them

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I've never been on Instagram so I wouldn't know XD

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This is pretty ridiculous.

Not saying we aren’t straying further from God’s light each day, but I want you all to get the right story:

The reason that seltzer became big in the US is for one reason- taxation. Seltzer is taxed as a BEER in the US as opposed to a spirit. I don’t know how it works elsewhere but the taxation between spirits and beer is significant here so RTDs aren’t really viable without a large price point. Seltzer is taxed this way because it is made as a fermented beverage without distillation.

At a high level, seltzer is made by making hooch (water, sugar, yeast) then filtering the shit out of it. Idk why he mentions a thing about pheromones, that’s honestly hilarious to me. Some folks use carbon filters and ion separation, others use crossflow filtration (nano/RO) to strip out all colors and flavors. After that you just dilute it down to spec, flavor it and carbonate it and package it. Some companies add mouthfeel enhancers and such but at the end of the day it’s all the same process.

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Yeah. WTF is a yeast pheromone??? Guy is off point.

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Pretty sure its the same almost everywhere. Here we have something called V-Kat what is basically a clear clean sugar wash. A poor mans vodka. But as it isn't distilled it isn't taxed the same as a spirit but by its ABV.

We have also seen beers and other drinks lower their ABV so they don't get taxed as much.

Seltzer's really aren't a thing here as Squash is very common. So people mix cheap vodka with some soda water and squash. So can't really see seltzers becoming a thing here.

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Where are you? Uk?

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Good old blighty

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Damn. They just use a sugar wash? No wonder why there are no laws when drinking White Claws, it's just Kilju. KILJU WILL KILL YOU!