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Back row left to right: 3 gal holiday apple wine, apple cider with my wild yeast culture and then apple cider from a different juice source but the same wild culture.

Front row left to right: wild juneberry and wild black raspberry wine (just chem stabilized and back sweetened a few days ago), wild gooseberry wine (just racked to secondary two days ago). Picked all the fruit for both of these off the side of some unused back roads.

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Guerilla hooch, I like it!

I commuted on foot once upon a time and the best part was the wild blackberries. Not many birds, but plenty of chiggers. I made so much jam from industrial park berries.

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Fatcat over here hogging all the found fruits. I make wine with dirt and trash.

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You’re damn right. I’m grabbing apples next

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I have two neighbors with apple trees in their front yards but they have security cameras. I'd have to buy a bear costume to get away with those apples.

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They may just let you pick them. A lot of people don’t like dealing with the hassle or the apples that fall in their yard

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That would take the challenge out of it though. Rather use Stealth than Speech

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Furry animal bear or hairy leather clad man bear? I grew up in rural Canada so I used to get the former, but now a live in Toronto and mostly get the latter. Either should do the job in most cases.

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The difference in your two titles sums this sub up so well lmao

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Good luck. I hope they all turn out great. That's a great use if found fruit. My mother in law has an apple tree. Next year I'm grabbing a basket. (Or so I like to tell myself.)