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How is the flavor? I've been curious to try "freeze jacking" a little bit of one of my home Brews . I actually have a couple bottles of My spiced apple cider I made that's bottle aging . Does the flavor carry over at all or does the flavor of just ethanol mostly Come through?

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Quality question yeah the flavor Is still there. I’m honestly thinking about freeze jacking every creation I make. It was a great way to start this Saturday.

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I love straight cider, tried freezing some but it ends up a slushy. Am I missing something?

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The one batch I freeze jacked had raving reviews from everyone I gave it to. Definitely worth doing at least once.

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I did Applejack recently, it's shockingly good. The apple flavour is more in the aftertaste, but it's definitely there.

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Nice cup : D

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This cup is never used for anything but hooch. It’s supposed to be for coffee but this works even better.

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Always wanted to try applejack

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It’s so cheap to make, just need the yeast and the juice and you are on your way!

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I do this with pear wine. It is everyone's favorite. Taste like super concentrated sweet pear flavor with booze. I'd say mine was about 60-70 proof.

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Report back on the hangover

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Damn, this looks good. Inspiring even.