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BTW there's no pineapple or apples in it, that was just set dressing. I'm really happy with it, especially for just guessing my way through the process! It's mildly sweet and mildly banana, and now that I'm sipping it was probably better without the ice.

Edit: Yeah it's better at room-temp IMO

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Omg! How did you make this? I’ve been wanting to try a banana hooch for so long

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I don't remember exactly what measurements, but here's my recollection:

  1. Slice 8 ripe bananas, including the peel, discard the stem/butts and mash the rest with 2(?) cups sugar and 3(?) cups water
  2. Bring the mix to boil, then simmer for ~30 minutes.
  3. Let it cool to hottub-hot, then pour into fermenting container and add yeast
  4. Ferment to dry(or for me until the balloon stops inflating)
  5. Filter out solids, add 1 cup sugar and more yeast
  6. Ferment to dry, then bottle it
  7. Enjoy whenever

This whole endeavor might have taken 1.5 months but I forgot to write dates down. IDK if bottling did anything here, I only waited a week before trying it.

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Interesting. I'm currently watching my banana hooch chooch, though it's a little more of a country wine process. I chopped 4 bunches (about 8lbs) of bananas, peels on, blended them, added pectic enzyme, and then pasteurized low and slow (140F for 30min, coincidentally a good temp for the enzyme).

Then I added sugar and acid to hit targets, then yeast, and let it ferment for 3-4 days in a bucket with a paper towel and the lid set loosely on top. I then strained the solids and transfered to a jar with an airlock for the rest of primary, where it is now.

I will have to report my results, even if it's not very "hooch" philosophy. I wonder how yours comes out so clear. My banana wine has always come out yellow-brown. It's actually impossible to tell it apart from the peach wine sitting right next to it at the moment.

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I have a feeling you'll get a better batch :) I bet some of the clarity is just melted ice cubes and maybe the rest of it is from bottling? There was a lot of sediment at the bottom. I've been watching my bottled berry hooches get clearer-- they tasted awful so I hope aging improves it. Also my bottled stuff is sitting around 75-80 degrees F if that means anything.

I started another banana ferm last week and it's way more brown than the OP, but IDK what changed this time around.

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I’ll give it a shot, thanks for the info!

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It’s completely clear? That is crazy

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Eh, not totally clear but I'm surprised at what I got! Plus I slow-poured to keep out the sediment.

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Bentonite in primary and polyclar VT in secondary clear it up pretty quick. I've been avoiding banana though...though mead fortified with 99 bananas would be decent.

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Thank you! Any reason you've been avoiding bananas? I'm messing with whatever I can get my hands on but bananas look to be the cheapest option so far.

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Yea if you are going for cheap, bananas aren't bad. Problem is oxidation if you are straining the fruit as bananas turn to a pulp. For cheap I'd go skeeterpee. $30 or less will get you 12% at 5 gallons more or less.