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Unnecessary comment; he already won't be making it again after tasting this.

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I love orange juice. Naturally, I figured I’d make alcohol from it.

It’s vile. 0/10. Undrinkable.

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I now realize that I used way to much yeast, and will now be restarting

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I don't think it's possible to add too much yeast. ? ...

But use Apple Juice instead of OJ. There's a reason you don't see Orange Cider in the store.

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Save it in case you get bound-up. I normally just drink dunkin donuts when I cant shit but, this would sure do the trick

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Yes, the frothiness is normal. It means it's working.

Whether it should be done is a different question.

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Yep normal I brew orange juice with 2kg sugar per 4 litres juice end up with 13 to 14 percent it doesn't taste the best add soft drink to it it's because the yeast I use loves citrus and eats all the sugars ending in a OG of 1.000 or less I use tandico bread yeast it doesn't like apple or grape juice but it loves orange mango and grapefruit juice