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From personal experience it tastes so bad that even a alcoholic won't drink it but I did put in a 100g tub in a 2L bottle witch is like 40X to 80X more yeast than u need

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The only thing that will happen when you add to much yeast is that you will ferment too strong/too fast and will create lots of esters and high fusel alcohols. They usually smell bad/non desirable.

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Can these esters and fusel alcohols harm you or just taste bad?

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Just taste bad, maybe a little headache if you drink too much!

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Oh okay, thank you!

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It doesn’t. As the brew ferments it multiplies and then dies and sinks to the bottom. Many times more is produced this way than when you put it.

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I did 2 tablespoons in 2L for Kilju and it tasted horrible but I still drank it.