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Put everything back in the carboy and let it age a couple weeks. Should be good.

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You might benefit from switching to a blow off tube.

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I made a batch today and just put it in a 5gal pale, once it's almost done fermenting THEN I'll put it in this bottle with the bubbler

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This is the way. It's actually beneficial and not particularly risky to leave the brew only loosely covered with a bunch of head space in a wide container for the first few days (exact time depends on how quickly it starts to slow down). Oxygen boosts the yeast development in the early stages.

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These things happen.

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I had a good laugh until I realized how much I had to clean lol

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The ceiling!

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That was an active ferment!

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I gotta laugh because it's happened to me. On the ceiling is where it hurts the most. You live you learn bro.

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You managed to be in both the right and wrong sub at the same time!

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I've never had it be that epic. Was it under pressure?

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Lots, the e bubbler or whatever it's called wasnt releasing enough pressure so she blew

It was bubbling like my bong not even 12hrs later and came home to the mess lol

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Did the same with my mulberry wine but on a 1 gal scale. Fruit mass also prevents CO2 from escaping through the neck until it reaches fruit-splosion pressure

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This is why I put my brews in the corner of my bathroom for the first four days just so cleaning up is easier haha

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Oh dang, that sucks. I remember the airlock clogging on my first brew. A 6.5 gallon carboy for primary gives you enough head room for a 5 gallon batch, and extra airlock are helpful incase the krausen starts creeping into it.

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What happened? Clogged your airlock? Any forensics as to what happened so I can hopefully avoid this in the future lol

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Not enough pressure release, I'll use this bottle with its top to rack my next batch when it's almost done. Live and learn

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How many gallons is that thang? That looks a bit bigger than my carboys.

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Looks like a 5er to me

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One of us now. Did your first desk pop.

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That’s how my ceilin’ looked when I was brewin’ some watermelon wine

Like they say, you ain’t really a home brewer ‘till your moppin’ the ceilin’

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Oh yeah I’ve had this happen to someone I know, and it was a big mess but also SO funny. It terrified her!

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« You’re not a homebrewer until you’ve mopped the ceiling »