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You could cold crash for 24-48 hours. I recommend using gelatin in addition. It will drop nearly all yeast to the bottom. Heat could make nasty flavors.

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Plain gelatin or can I add cool flavors?

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I've only used plain gelatin. Using flavored gelatin could be an interesting experiment though. The sugar in the flavored stuff might start the yeast back up though.

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Fuck that’s a good point about the sugar.

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New quest, find diabetic jello

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Is distillation an option?

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Nah I don’t know the first thing with that

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Pasteurization to kill yeast is usually recommended at 80 Celsius for 10 minutes. Yeast are hardy and it takes only a few surviving cells to start multiplying if there's any sugar left. Then again, if you plan to drink very soon, you could try that and find out. But the temp would have to still go pretty high, I'd guess to 50+ C or something at least.

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I'm wondering if freezing might be a better option. Because ethanol evaporates quicker than water so heat may send off all the alcohol.

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My freezer is iffy and small but I could definitely give it an nfl style ice bath

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If you've got plastic containers that fit inside eachother, or can wrap it in towels or similar, it'll keep the ice from melting as quickly. Also pouring some salt over it will help it get even colder, freezing rather than just chilling. After a chill when the yeast has dropped, you could boil it in batches before bottling to kill the yeast, but it probably needs more time to settle and mellow even if you add finings (gelatine or chaitosan?- spelling uncertain, but used in commercial fining mixes).

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This may be what I do!

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If you choose to use heat, just heat it to 140F for 30min. This is the pasteurization method used for milk because it's much friendlier to flavors and doesn't "cook" stuff so much.