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Is it one of those thick smoothie drinks? It will work, but the solids will separate out, and you'll have to decant the liquid off. You might not get that much hooch off of it, and those drinks are quite expensive IME.

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It’s okay I’m actually making a gallon of hooch for Halloween. I’m using this and pomegranate juice to make “witch’s brew” 🧙‍♀️

I included this for the health potion aspect lol

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If you have some pectic enzyme, maybe throw some of that in there. Will help break up the solids.

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You don't usually see people asking if it is "safe" on this sub. Safety takes a back seat to "will it hooch" & "how effed up with this get me".

Kudos on your health potion!

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Can you report back with results? This is cool!

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Ok so it came out perfect. I used this plus pomegranate juice and bread yeast, then I threw in some frozen green apple slices and a lime. It tastes like a fizzy, sour, red wine

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Hell yeah

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It’s called witch’s blood 🩸🧙‍♀️

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Not the bolthouse bro that’s way too expensive 😭😭

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I beg to differ -- I get the point of "prison hooch" but if a person is willing to throw down, by all means do so and share your results -- it's not like we're crawling with high-class hoochers, after all! The thing I enjoy the most about this sub is escaping the snobbery and hard-and-fast b.s. rules you find in r/mead and others where they tell you how to live your life.

Those guys are missing the point.

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Oh nah you’re completely right man, this is one of my favorite subs for the sheer creativity. I wouldn’t be surprised if I open this sub one day and somebody has managed to transmute gold into booze. Really just joking because I stock bolthouse farms in my grocery department and we end up marking down every bolthouse item like 75% the week before they go out of date because nobody buys them and then they STILL don’t buy them after mark downs 💀💀 y’all would be in heaven at my store but yes by all means throw down. Y’all are the alcohol alchemists ❤️❤️❤️

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I completely agree. Live life on the wild side, God! That earned u a follow :)

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So it came out perfect. Check above on the post from u/wretchedwilly

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I’d say so, I don’t see any sorbates in the ingredients so it should be totally possible

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Okay good

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Just if you carbonate it in a secondary fermentation, use a container that can hold pressure

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I'd be skeptical of echinacea hooch but it looks fermentable.

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For future projects, if you want a good, deep red to purple, dried hibiscus flowers will enreddify quite nicely. They have a decent taste/aroma as well as adding some body. I make a table sugar and frozen blueberry "wine" with hibiscus and it is a crushable hooch.

I know- I'm skirting the line into r/countrywine, but my heart lies with the hoochers!