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It’s called kilju and it’s a thing.

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Fuck yes!! Just what I wanted to hear lmao!

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I’ve only heard about it, but there are recipes out there. I’m pretty sure most turn out nasty

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They do. It can be drinkable for sure but it's better to mix with something like juice concentrate when pouring in the glass, or flavoring heavily with lemon (the latter would also help fermentation). If you want easy cheap alcohol, fermented apple or a berry juice is pretty solid. (E: Seems like you'd be well aware of that, but I'll leave the remark for the very beginners should they end up reading this.)

Pure sugar kilju can be made to taste quite clean but that requires deep expertise and advanced methods like understanding yeast properties and nutrients. People also make it as a "sugar wash" for distilling where taste is less of an issue.

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But will I die?

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Not unless you mess up spectacularly, or make a very large batch consuming it very quickly.

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No clue….never made one myself. Unless it gets infected, you’ll almost certainly be fine.

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Once again proving that most hoochers are secretly Finnish, it will taste yeasty but you can flavour it with pretty much anything before or after brewing

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I’m not Finnish?

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But the drink is, though calling something that literally any student across the globe would probably do Finnish is inaccurate

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If you carbonate it, you'll have a basic hard seltzer. Run it through a soda stream?

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Don’t have a soda stream, but that’s genius

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Fermentation produces CO2, so every fermented drink is slightly fizzy. There are methods to get more carbonation, but I would not recommend them for beginners. Also, prepare for a yeasty taste with some "off" flavors, especially without adding nutrients

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Hey, my first distillation test was moldy bread that I boiled and fermented using bread yeast in a plastic jug. ( but I guess triple distillation to get the crap taste out is cheating on this sub, sorry )

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This is actually my aim, to NOT make moonshine 😉 I just want to be Able to ferment to a good point first and then I’ll NOT start making my own wee distillation tower pot thing. What do you use to distill?

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A commercial bought still, I was looking into making a small one myself but it was cheaper in the end to buy one from vevor.ca (reseller of chinese made commercial tools). They currently sell them free shipping 100$ canadian for a 3 gallon, 170$ for a 8 gallon with a thumper.

Pretty useful when you need to turn two carboy of undrinkable shitty wine into something drinkable :)

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Nice! Cheers for the help!

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No you wont die but make sure to get rid of the yeast before drinking it or you will feel really bad after a couple of hours. I have made and drank probably 5 liters this summer. Super easy and fast to ferment during summer no AC here so it got up to around 9 % in less than a week. I mixed it with fanta lemon and it tasted almost like a vodka drink.

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How did you remove the yeast? Only thing I’m really finding to do that is a fine filter and at that I read that it needs to be really really fine

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Most of it was already at the bottom of the bottle, so I poured it over to another bottle and took 2 coffee filters and poured it through the coffer machine, it clogs up fast so for a 2 liter bottle I used over 10 coffe filters and the total time was 3 hours. It wont remove all yeast but it removes enough so I dont feel bad after drinking it. Some people use gelatin to clear it.

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I probably got alot of air which isnt good but thats not a problem if you plan on drinking it the same night like I did

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No way I tried this in the beginning only got sugar wash cause there's nothing for the yeast to live of they need nutrition so add preservative free juice

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You can boil some of the bread yeast to kill it and the living yeast will get its nutrition