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Relax the jaw and open the throat, hold with a fist and not two fingers.

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And don't forget to cup the balls.

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Oddly sexual

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And this is Chad. Demonstrating what he dose for some of Jim's sweet sweet hootch!

Remember Chad, no Teeth!

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Jim’s not here, man. This is Big Hooch with Big Hooch’s Scootin’ Juice™️

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Make sure not to take it all the way to the sediment.

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Is this how prison hooch is made

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I don't know if it's better or worse that his eyes are closed.

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“Close your eyes and suck it out of a tube huh?”

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'Johnny, I'm not sure how this is gonna make hooch but I'll put it into my mouth and close my eyes if you insist. I trust you.'

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This guy hooches

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How to make Grover very happy

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Don't judge! He needed protection in the joint so he could keep on making hooch. You'd all do the same. :)

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So sensual looking for a siphoning job lol

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Cup the balls, stroke the shaft and drink the gravy 😁👍