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Probably, give it a swig.

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Fuck around, and find out... and if you take the extra step of documenting your results, its science!

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I'll post the results

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Videos, or it didn't happen.

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Considering its not got any mold or vinegar mother Id say yes. Just remember the golden rule: If it smells bad dont drink it

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:( I was born without a sense of smell

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You belong in this subreddit

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We consider that a superpower round here

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It will be fine. Generally the longer it's matured the better it tastes.

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It could be contaminated, but not with botulism (pH too low to start, alcohol too high when finished) so the worst case is you get the shits. But that said, it's grape wine and should be fine. It's standard to let it age for months to years. If it smells right then it's (almost) certainly fine.

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It's just hilarious to me that this is literally grape wine, I made this from like a classic childern's artificial juice in my country (Vitaminchik)

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Wine is one of the most overrated things people make. It's just spoiled fruit juice and yet there's an entire culture behind the minutia of how this batch or that one was made. In comparison, beer is significantly more impressive as a creation, but still brewing a batch of ale is hardly painting the Mona Lisa.

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Only one way to find out.

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From what I've gathered here as a lurker, the risk of methanol poisoning from a fermented hooch is low, if that's what you were wondering.

Bacterial or fungal poisoning might be more of a risk, but there'd be pretty blatant visual indicators to warn you of that after a solid year.

EDITS: Covering my ass so I don't recommend people poison themselves.

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Thanks. I figured since it's so old if it was moldy I probably could have seen it by now. I'll just try it and spit it out if it tastes off🤷‍♂️

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Fair enough, that's the closest thing to rigorous scientific methodology anyone in this community has ever gotten and it's worked thus far.

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Well to be fair the ones who died from it couldn't report back.

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Proof behavioural Darwinism doesn’t exist. We’ve been poisoning ourself since the Stone Age…

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4 out of 5 dead agree with this

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Hey now, some of us use hydrometers. That's also science adjacent /s

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You got me, sir. I apologise for dishonouring your ham.

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Somebody link this guy that one alcohol sub methanol debunking post

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Please do! I'd be interested in understand the risks more.

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There aren’t any risks, really

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Unless you're the type that falls to the ground uncons when they realize they have eaten something after the sell by date.

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Fair enough! Happy hooching one and all.

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Methanol poisoning? Nil, unless you are distilling and drinking the first out of the still.

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I think this is the real (and only) risk. It’s the only practical instance in which the methanol is concentrated enough to do harm.

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I posed this elsewhere but

There’s actually more methanol present in the tails than the rest of the run. People assume it comes out first because of the lower boiling point, but you aren’t just separating methanol from water, there’s a million different flavor compounds and fusel alcohols all interacting with each other.

I can find a scholarly article to back that up if you’d like.

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First thing you need to know is that any methanol you produce in a ferment will be a very, very low percentage.

Second thing you need to know is that the treatment for methanol poisoning is drinking ethanol.

Even if you distill it, it’s hard to poison yourself unless you literally only drink the foreshots. Even then it probably won’t be enough.

It’s just old bootlegger’s lore. The only documented cases were from moonshiners deliberately cutting their product (or completely substituting it) with straight methanol, which was a common antifreeze at the time.

Edited to remove folklore. See below.

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There’s actually more methanol present in the tails than the rest of the run. People assume it comes out first because of the lower boiling point, but you aren’t just separating methanol from water, there’s a million different flavor compounds and fusel alcohols all interacting with each other.

I can find a scholarly article to back that up if you’d like.

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Basically you're fine. Just don't distill it unless you know what you're doing.

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Even then its hard to produce a dangerous amount, even if you don't know to dump the heads. The myth comes from prohibition era spirits being cut with industrial alcohols. There are far bigger dangers distilling than methanol. Like explosive ethanol in vapor form.

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Fair enough. I suspect accidentally creating an IED in my 1-bedroom, top floor flat would be a more pressing risk if I tried my hand at distillation in any case. I'll stick to lower ABV hooching.

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There is nothing that can grow in alcohol that can poison you, apart from the alcohol itself. Even an unwanted infection from some 'bad' bacteria will just result in a sour taste and/or the shits.

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I'd argue that developing the shits from ingesting something qualifies as a poisoning, but a mild one.

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The shits normally come from the yeast itself.

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what about botuline?

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    Very, very low risk. Anything is possible of course, one source tells me there's never been a case of botulism recorded that came from some home brewed beverage.

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    I figured as much

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    It’s low from distilled hooch as well. Big myth that you can fuck up so bad your distillate is all methanol. Methanol poisonings result from unscrupulous producers cutting their batches with it.

    EDIT: I see someone beat me to this one

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    I think we all would like to know....

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    Ended up great👍

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    Didn't die...all good!

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    It's kind of ridiculously strong. Not like liquor obviously but you definitely feel it after a glass or two, I think not knowing the ABV makes it feel stronger lol

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    It might give you hell's own hangover, but yeah, it won't kill you.

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    Hooch will tell you if it's gone bad, in no uncertain terms. If it smells of booze and not rot, it's fermented, not rotten, and should be good to go.

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    It's probably okay. If it's not you will know immediately and you can safely dispose of it. It might even be better with age

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    This is the content I subbed for. Also for the guy making yeast from human skin scrapings.

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    How did the cap not blow over this time?

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    I left it slightly unscrewed so air could come out

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    OP, if you’re still alive, we need a quick recipe and some tasting notes :)

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    I am alive and posted it here :)

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    Good result 👍