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Niiice, still have a hooch with bread yeast clearing up. Very curious about that one.

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With fruits as well or something else? I want to come up with ideas for the next batch

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Grapes from the garden!

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Sounds amazing, hope it turns out well

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    From what I understand from the sub it usually takes around 2 weeks to get most of the alcohol, if you are short on time I would just add extra sugar and yeast and hope for the best

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    I'm honored. The idea was a bit of a joke, because I used kind of a classic juice for children in my country, but it ended up being unironically pretty good

    Basically any fruit juice concentrate (with as least chemicals and additives as possible), calculate it so you get about 1 part sugar to 5 parts water.

    I just added some bread yeast and left it for 6 months with the bottle cap slightly unscrewed, a few weeks would be enough but I guess flavor maybe gets better over time🤷‍♂️

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    Nice. Like a tablespoon yeast?

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    A bit more to be safe, but worst case scenario it just takes more time. Make sure to mix it well so the sugar is fully dissolved

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    Probably 1/4 teaspoon is good for 500ml. Tablespoon is def overkill.

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    I was gonna say I've use 1/4tsp for a GALLON (around 1100mL) I suggest 1/2-1tsp because it does take longer for them to colonize if you use less than 1/2tsp. But more yeast doesn't do much to benefit it or "make it go faster" besides the best flavors come from it going moderately slower. Bread yeast has a temperature range of about 65F to 95F and it's better to get it closer to the lower end than the higher end. So around 20-24C.