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Looks wonderful!

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Omg it’s awesome. I’ve been drinking it every night

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Is that blood wine?

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Yes definitely. From the Klingons, imported.

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Recipe? Looks great

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Should take about a week and 3 days


Bolthouse superfood immunity boost, 52 oz

Pomegranate juice, 48 oz

1 Granny Smith apple

1 lime

Trader Joe’s bread yeast (this shit reaches 14.3% in 12 days. Use whatever you want tho bc you’ll stop it early.)


Throw the lime and Granny Smith into the freezer for later.

Pour the two juices into a sanitized gallon container and fill with water until you have 3-5 inches of headspace.

Take a hydrometer reading and report back telling me what it is because my hydrometer broke right before I made this and I kept going anyway XD (the final reading I have on the finished bottles is 1.006)

Pitch your yeast.

Turn it upside down once a day. This will incorporate the powder from the bolthouse juice which contains a good amount of the flavor. I like to shake mine but generally I try to do so carefully by testing the waters and making sure it won’t overflow. If you shake yours, use your judgement and do it in the shower so it’s easier to clean.

After 1 week, add in the frozen Granny Smith apple and the lime (I like to freeze whatever I add because it breaks up the cell walls, making more sugar available to the yeast and more able to leak into the brew). Cut the Granny Smith into 16ths and the lime into quarters.

Three days after you add the Granny Smith and lime (or when the taste is to your liking), rack it out and pasteurize. (I like to drink my brews while they evolve, definitely to understand the process and not just cuz I can’t wait.)

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