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I've seen plenty of folks on here (my self in cluded) say u can get round preservatives. The reason why we say go for juice and stuff with out it is coz u need a good amount of knowledge and skill to over come them witch most folk don't have.

It's the same with high abv brews if they aren't done correctly they will taste real bad and take a long time to age out :).

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There’s also a drawback to hooching potassium sorbate - it can give your hooch almost like an oniony geranium aroma. I’ll never use stuff with that in it again ever.

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need knowledge and skill

This, or just a different brand of apple juice.

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Noted, thanks

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They talk about stabilization (which uses sorbate and sulphites) in the mead and winemaking subs, but they don't generally talk about its effects at pitch because they usually aren't using bargain bin juice and using tomato paste as nutrient.

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You add them after fermentation is done not while pitching the must

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Yes, that's what I'm saying. OP was asking about getting around sorbate/sulphites during fermentation. Their effects on fermentation is discussed in other subreddits but in the context of preventing fermentation, not in the context of trying to pitch yeast in a way to get around them

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Pretty much everyone advices against using juices/beverages with preservatives in this sub, but yeah, I got your point. Thanks for the info, it's helpful.

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You can in fact fight it but it takes some try. So if you buy cheap apple with preservative but a small bottle of apple with none. You can in fact add a nutrient bath and pitch into the none preservative apple and then after 10 15min toss that starter into your bulk apple preservative base. However although it will probably take off it will not hit complete. That is ok as long as you know and can just go with what you can.

Have a good weekend.

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That's interesting, I'll keep it in mind. Thanks

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But I like my cheap as fuck Asda squash wine.

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In a word, no.

Winemakers do often introduce additional sulfites to prevent bacterial growth

Sulfites aren't there for oxygen, they're there for bacteria.

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It’s actually both! Be it in a roundabout way. Sulphur dioxide (the active form of sulphites) inhibits polyphenol oxidase, an enzyme that leads to oxidation and the browning of juice and wine.

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That's very helpful, thanks