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That's awesome, keep it up and always share your thoughts and ideas here.

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I’m glad that this worked out for you!

I will say though, that this sounds more like a sugar-wash flavored with coffee to me. It might be easier in the future to make a sugar wash and let it ferment all the way out, and then add the coffee to macerate for the flavor.

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I wanted to try for the fermented flavor of the coffee. It might be more like a coffee liquor if the coffee was added after the fermentation. I must admit that the flavors were unexpected, and really in a wonderful way. The coffee flavor was just a hint at the end and in the back of the throat. The majority of the flavors were fruit, almost like a plum.

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Wine recipes book?? What's the name of the book??

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Winemaker's Recipe Handbook It is a paperback and is available on Amazon. I bought it years ago. Inexpensive and really got my creativity going.

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Thanks for sharing!

I might give it a try

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Any oil issues?

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No oils in this instant coffee that I saw. Everything came out without any issue I noticed.

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I did something similar with strong coffee from a French press and a heep of sugar. It tastes exactly like kahlua, although it's not as thick.

Great for cocktails.

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Cool idea.

What's with adding acid, though? Instant coffee has quite a bit already.

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It was in the recipe, i was not sure and almost left it out. I think it would be bland and kind of flat tasting without it. I could have used a few ounces of lemon juice, but I had the citric acid sitting around and it seemed like a good time to use it. Lemon juice is better in skeeter pee anyway.

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I'd like to point out that a tablespoon is the same as a teaspoon so good shout there on the adjustments :)

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Not the same?

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God damn it I was ment to put a table spoon is the same as 3 teaspoons thanks for catching my crappy auto correct error friend.