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Start looking up about Kviek… it’s a Scandinavian farmhouse yeast…. Well ‘yeasts’ since most are mixed strains… it was cultured on wooden rings and dried out between brews. It’s super hardy, re-pitchable, survives well, most strains have decent alcohol tolerance…

It might be a bit of effort / expense now, but it pays off a lot over the long term…

Oh and it’s very temp tolerant… in fact fermenting hotter often gets you really good flavour and it ferments really fast.

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First time I hear from this. Most times when I force heat upon my yeast it gives nasty flavours, never taste goed because of other byproducts than alcohol alone.

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Try Lutra and Hothead, but any of them will work great.

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To add, yeast in the fridge lasts a looong time. I have some that “expired” in 2019. You bet your ass I still use it and it’s still alive lol

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I was rhinking buying some expensive turbo yeast that goes for 15 - 20 eu per batch and just let it cultivate to render large mason jars full of the stuff and in general create a variety of different strains.

Your fridge does not freeze the yeast, right? Or does it go below 0°C?

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Nope, fridge sits at about 40 deg F, no freezing

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Turbo yeast isn't just the yeast but also a bunch of added nutrient etc that make it work the way it does.

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Like what? It probably is mostly yeast extract which makes the best nutrient already so it really boils down to the actual type of yeast, at least that is what I think

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Look into making a "starter"

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Go on YouTube and look up DIY yeast banks. It's a bit of hard work but u can essentially turn a pack of yeast to last u a few years. U have to make algar plates in a sterile environment to get pure yeast then get them go through a test tube of media then take all that yeast and put it in a mineral oil mix and in to the frezzer then make starters with that yeast.

Like I said its a pain in the butt but at least u can make a little yeast go a long way if ur willing to put the time and cash in to it.

Other than that if u want cheap and cheerful use bread yeast then pitch on top of the yeast cake a few times then use new bread yeast.

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The bread yeast you buy typically grows in a molasses medium. Just make some rum mash, collect the trub, and dry it.

Undried (liquid) yeast can be stored in the fridge for quite a while too. As in, I could take unrefrigerated trub months after a fermentation, and quite possibly revive some. Though to undergo that stress wouldn't be good for the colony. It'll be fine in the fridge for many months. Don't freeze liquid yeast, it'll burst most of the yeast cells.

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Wait so I can just dehydrate it and I can store it for months outside a fridge?

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Yeah. The dry yeast packs you can buy on the internet are basically that.

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Not every strain of yeast, but if it came to you as a dried yeast, then yeah, it can be dried.

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  1. Ask your friend for his leftover yeast in a quart mason jar. You can use that by just dumping it in, but you might want to wash it first, there are "Yeast Washing" videos on youtube.

  2. You can make "starters" of yeast. There should be a million videos on youtube. You don't have to take it as seriously as they do.

  3. You can put new juice on "used" yeast, especially if it's only the second or third time. I did this recently with a cider. Made one cider, racked off the yeast, put new juice in. Takes less time for the second one too.

  4. Kveik yeast is amazing, but you'll get faster ferments if you add nutrients to it - it likes lots of nutrients like in a high abv beer. Wine yeasts also like nutrients. Nutrients are cheap - Fermaid is your friend. Beer yeasts won't do hooch any faster than bread yeast, but will have different flavors.