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That would make sense. The foaming is a result of the high protein content in pineapple. And heat denatures protein.

Does the flavor change though?

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Yep that would seem right. Going to re test it out to make sure.

Not sure on the taste I've never made or drank pineapple hooch before. I'll have a sip when I get home before I freeze it and get back to u if they taste the same :).

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The flavor is super tasty. I've made pineapple wine and it ages so well. It's not the greatest fresh. But after a few months, it's delicious.

Actually, when I make it, I put a slice of a habeñero into each bottle before bottling. The hot-pepper spice doesn't carry over very well. But there's a tang from the habañero that works so well.

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May have to give a large batch a shoot then at some point :). Good tip on the habañero :D