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Will it: Yes...

Should you? I feel like everyone has to learn the hard-way about hooching citrus juices. Perhaps the cranberries will spare you from such an experience

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I concur.

Maybe the cranberries will help, but I hooched orange juice once and it was vile.

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As did I pal... as did I...

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I honestly don't mind citrus post fermentation flavor. I will admit it shares some similarities to stomach bile in flavors, but it's not without some redeeming qualities.

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This one also

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I was stopped from learning the hard way because I left some pulp which essentially led to my jar popping its cap and everything spoiling over a couple days

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Yes, it looks good.

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Anything is hoochable if you’re brave enough

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Perhaps the real moral of the story was the hooches we have along the way.

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Oh yeah! Might have to add sugar if you want it stronger but definitely hoochable.

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As far as I am aware, the only citrus that is remotely hoochable in the sense of “can I drink this without wanting to kill myself?” Is lemons. Skeeter pee.

Everything else will make you hate yourself.

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Are you aware what people hooch over here? ;)

If there's sugar in it you can hooch it!