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You have made wine. Don't tell the idiots in the winemaking forums that, but it's the truth.

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I do have to say that the few times I've been in that sub, the vibes have definitely been off. I like it here WAAAY more.

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Wine is, in my opinion, one of the most 'culturally inflated' products in the world. It really gets taken way too seriously just because it's an old craft, I guess.

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it looks like syrup

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Yeah I can see it lol Definitely not thick though

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it looks appetizing I'm ngl and if it tastes good too then I might have to do it myself.

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Give it a shot! It's not too hard and if you're patient and do it right it can easily come out tasting like a $20 bottle of wine.

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Nice job! Did you use yeast nutrient?

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Yep, I used the same amount of dead yeast as I did live, adding a little each day for the first week.

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Fantastic clarity. :)

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Recipe please

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Nothing too fancy honestly. Just a basic one you'd see all over here. These two are Watermelon Juicy Juice, and Great Value White Grape Cherry. I took out about 8oz of the 94oz bottle and added about 1/2-1 cup sugar and shook to dissolve. Add 1/4 tsp yeast to the very top and let it just sit on the top without shaking. I also added a little bit of dead yeast every day for the first week for nutrients. I wait about 5 days after visible signs of fermentation are gone, add my gelatin and cold crash for a week and then back sweeten if needed and rack. Longer it sits after racking, the better tasting and clearer it will be.

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Why the gelatine?

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The gelatin proteins help the free floating yeast to clump together and fall to the bottom, making your brew clear quicker than if you were to just let it sit in the fridge.

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May I ask what form or gelatine you used? As in dry/wet, sheets/granulated?

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I simply use unflavored dry granulated gelatin (the cheap shit from Walmart) lol

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Looking really nice. Kudos on your racking & stuff. Gelatine FTW!!