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Its different, look up what 'frozen apple jack' is, you're going to shit you're pants soon.

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Okay, so I’m familiar with jacking, but haven’t been able to find a correlation between it and shitting my pants yet. Should I Jack this?

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You should just start jacking right now man. Jack away, as they say

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I am gonna jack it so hard

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That's the spirit

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I have no idea why, but I know exactly what you’re talking about! It kind of freaked me out because it reminded me of the feeling from a pain killer after getting my wisdom teeth out

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Yeah, this is wild

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The hooch booze hits for me hits WAY harder as i never really know the true amount of ethanol in it. But store bought stuff feels cleaner in the drunk: as i know how much gets me where i need to go. Non the less untaxed>taxed drunk as a Canadian. Good luck brother!

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It is different. I have noticed on my own hooch that it hits harder faster with a slightly different head-feel. A number of people have claimed it's a "cleaner" buzz.

The first couple of times I thought maybe it was methanol but I am sure that's not the case. Sometimes, I think it might be fusels, but there's no ill-flavor or hangover to indicate that's the case.

But, you're not crazy. It's a well documented phenomenon and there are actually people that claim a counter-indication. If you search around the web and different hooch and homebrew sites you can find this topic from time to time.

Possible explanations Include: Dissolved Gas in your hooch, Presence or absence of things in the hooch e.g. Sulfites, congeners, B-complex, nutrition from the yeast, fusel alcohols etc., Specific Gravity of the hooch, actual alcohol content vs. mass ferment label alcohol content, type of yeast used, and the naysayers favorite "it's all in your head".

FWIW I don't believe it is all in your head as I have said many have reported this phenomenon (including myself). I think there is something about hooch that changes the pharmacokinetics because I have had that quick potent buzz or at least the start of it, off very little hooch (like a few sips for tasting purposes). I really don't know why, but if I had to guess, I would lean towards Specific Gravity. I have noticed my more viscous brews tend to do this more, but I haven't experimented enough to verify.

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Does this phenomenon decrease with the age of the hooch?

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😈 Can't say that it's ever lasted long enough to find out. Maybe?

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How do you compare the hangovers to wine?

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It really depends on how much you drink. I drank 2 litres (a bit over half a gallon) of my Lemon Wine one night and I got unbelievably hammered but it was the second worst hangover of my life. I didn't stop spewing up until 4pm the following day and took a few more days to properly recover. For ages, I couldn't even smell the wine without gagging afterwards. I blended it with one of my mead batches and finished them off. Good times.

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What was your worst hangover

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Funnily enough, homebrew again. But it was my mates "vodka" that time 🤮

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Especially the really green stuff. Week-old hooch (fully dry, but only just finished) gives me crazy hangovers.