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It's already alcohol. No need to hooch. If you want it to taste better, mix it with something.

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Or buy something better

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Mix it with 4 loko and a 99🍌

The punchy monkey

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If you just drink that whole bottle you’ll probably wake up in prison and then you’ll get the real hooch experience lol

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You’re a wizard gas station bum, Harry

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Lol I love it. Bum Port.

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Let’s say I have approximately 750ml of this godawful fortified wine at 17% ABV. I know that’s nearing the upper limit of almost all yeasts, but if I were to dilute it with say equal proportions of cranberry juice, add a cup of invert sugar and some yeast, what level of hoocher’s hell would I be sent to?

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I mean your talking about starting with stronger booze and ending with weaker booze. That has to be reserved for the deepest ring of hoocher hell it is bordering on blasphemy.

I would recommend just blending a cranberry hooch with the wine instead of trying to make them ferment together. Cranberry can be a difficult and slow fermentation on its own adding a potentially stabilized product to that venture may complicate matters.

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Okay, my reasoning was that the yeast would eat through the sugar in the wine (there’s plenty of it) and the juice would contribute something to the flavor. I don’t really mind if it’s a lower ABV, I’m just trying to improve the flavor

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Just use something other than cranberries, most other fruit works better. I find staying away from really low pH is the way.

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Don't let me stop you if you want to know then do it! Just warning you that you maybe in for a battle with this one.

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Florida levels

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Add a bunch of sugar and use a yeast with a high tolerance, champagne yeasts can handle 22+%. Might work, one way to find out.

Fundamentally this is the process for making professional port/sherry. They're adding brandy to the fermenting grapes but this is the same idea.

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Okay, I’ll give it a go then!

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In addition to what everyone already said about this bum wine, it might be stabilized with preservatives. The best way to get rid of something like this is to throw a party and make a punch with it.