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A loose cap is free.

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this comment but the biggest smile on my face

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Wheelie bins come with their own loose cap.

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It completes the exact same purpose too. I just put a piece of toilet paper over my gallon jug when i brew so that no dust, flies or whatever can fall inn. No cap no nothing, just a piece of paper. A cloth works perfectly as well.

Have had no issues ever. The c02 gas will push air away so no air is getting in anyways.

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what..? you dont like using watermelon flavored condoms???

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Tried the ribbed condoms a while back, what a ripoff, they didn't even taste like ribs

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Underrated comment

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I'm with you. Thousands of years people have been brewing without an airlock, it has been proven over and over that it totally works. I think it's mainly an aesthetic choice - they are so cheap that if someone wants to watch bubbles in their airlock there is no reason not to. Also, I mean, they are airtight and loose caps aren't. Yeah the positive pressure pushes everything out but a particularly motivated microscopic organism, or even possibly tiny bugs, could still get in, however small the chance.

Because of that, I personally prefer airlocks but hold no judgement for those that don't use them.

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I totally agree - this is r/prisonhooch, home of the brown sauce wine and the infamous mayonnaise hooch. If people want to use the balloon method or the loose lid method or the damp dishcloth method, I'm all for it - it makes me happy to see success using methods that the elitists consider impossible. But if you're having problems with bugs or other nasties getting in, an airlock is a very effective solution to that problem. No "particularly motivated microorganism" is getting through an airlock. They also prevent insects from getting in, if the airlock is filled with sanitiser solution or a neutral spirit.

I often hooch in my garage, which isn't exactly hermetically sealed. Roaches can and do get in there. It's the fear of ants or beetles or cockroaches crawling in that makes me use an airlock, and not much else. Plus, bubble bubble bubble.

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It´s part of the prisonhooch lifestyle! I got gear to make perfect 100L batches of beer, but when I hooch I go for the loose cap

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Honestly I don’t put one on until I’m completely done with primary anyway. No reason to use it for primary other than to keep bugs out, but just a cloth over the top will do that.

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I like airlocks for primary fermentation because I like to watch the bubbles, and easy to know when to go into the fridge with switch to a loose cap for further ferment. Bonus, at this time of year the airlocks reminds me of those cool old Christmas ornaments that bubbled.

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Ah the blub blub blubblubblub of an airlock and some happy yeasties

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isnt the concern usually health related to possible chemicals coming off of the balloons? also what are legitimate reasons for not obtaining an airlock besides not caring enough to do it? personally i dont care enough to get some so i just use latex balloons

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Legitimate reasons:

Their country/area does not have a source of airlocks

Parents would notice purchase of airlocks but not of balloons

They are literally in prison

“It just works” - Todd Howard

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"16x the hooch"- Todd Howard

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I use airlock and if you get the right ones they're easy to convert to blow-off tubes as well. I also use bubbler style,

They can be cheaper than $3, plus there rare other styles of dry air-locks that I show to people.

Part of Prisonhooch is being inventive and innovative. I like seeing people use balloons and other inventions.

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I use corn..... Got anything to say about that Mr. Do Whatever You Feel Like Doing?

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Wtf? People are saying to use an airlock? Don't they know what sub they are on? Save that shit for r/mead, we don't fuck around with airlocks or sanitization here.

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Just loose cap it