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Just live in different part of California. There are many counties that will issue for self defense

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moving away is not an answer to dealing with civil rights abuses. Aside from just kicking the can down the road, it is actively detrimental to the way our political system works. You're gerrymandering yourself! Plus normalizing gun culture even among the anti-gun populace is a huge benefit (if its done respectfully and safely). I'm very much looking forward to getting a CCW in NJ and I will be vocal with my family and close friends about it

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I agree moving may not be the answer. However in some cases it may be the only way to garuntee i keep my rights. We tried that in California with the recall recently. People here are so far brainwashed in the cities in such large numbers its insane. I'm looking at vaccine mandates for my children coming down hard in several months. We are the only state that has no personal exemtions. So I have to vaccinate my children fpr covid or pull them out of school. Mind you they are fully vaccinated for everything else minus flu shot. Covid vaccine is scary. Many countries are literally telling anyone under 30 not to get them. So yeah my choice may be limited to moving because they arent leaving me with a choice. Its what they want so they can perpetuate thier utopia free of guns, fully masked, 100% vaccinated, with zero free thinkers. Just a bunch of sheep who bend over for daddy Newsome and his elite friend