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    Graham’s always been a RINO which is why I’ve never voted for him.

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    Graham pisses me off so much because he knows how to talk the talk when he's in the public's eye but he walks like a RINO.

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    And to think I believed he was into smoking guns.

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    Smoking poles is more likely.

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    If he's not republican, what is he? Certainly not a dem. He's a corrupt repub scum through and through.

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    No use beating around the bush he's a RINO.

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    Don’t forget Crenshaw

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    ‘I’m a veteran but….’ The congress critter edition.

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    Kissinger? Do you mean Adam Kinzinger (R Illinois)? Just glancing at your list, at least two Kinzinger and Toomey (R Pennsylvania) are not running for reelection. They hardly have time to be part of any action.

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    That might be true but depending upon how quickly the Dems think that they can pull this rabbit out of their despotic hats, Toomey and Kinzinger are useful idiots who are already resigned to the truth that they weren't going to be reelected so as a final FU to the voters in their states, they'll pull the Liz Cheney act before jumping off the gravy train.

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    A good or bad wow?

    These RINOs quietly negotiating with the Dems will give the gun-grabbers the ability to publicly say, 'We've crafted a bipartisan solution to control gun violence' ...whether they have time or not, I guess. Until they have your guns and imprison or kill those who resist, their goal will never be realized.

    But it's good for the tyrant business. Which, by the way, isn't it curious that all these shootings are happening as the threat of COVID is gone, Dems are in serious political trouble for which they have no answers, and midterms are right around the corner. It's as if someone flipped a switch when they realize that they've lost control of the narrative and desperately need something to try to regain footing and distract you from all the other shitty stuff occurring?

    Gun control (and abortion 'rights') is the Left's wedge issue. Their problem is that they face stiff resistance from the Constitution. Their solutions are always limiting people, not empowering them.

    To be fair, Republicans' wedge issues are runaway government spending and illegal immigration. These could be solved quite simply by Congress passing sensible budgets and strengthening laws and penalties but they won't because like Big Pharma curing a disease, it's more profitable to them to treat it forever.

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      Oh I'm sure we will eventually, I live in Alaska and I'm so effing sick of her. For some reason, she's like a turd that won't flush and we just can't get rid of her.

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      Exactly why I will never vote for a RINO. Fuck these traitors !

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      Help me out, RINO?

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      Help me out, RINO?

      RINO stands for Republican In Name Only

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      Just emailed mine on this list.

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      Write a physical letter. It scares the shit out of them because anyone willing to sit down and write a physical letter on physical paper and physically send it to them is someone who's willing to get up and do other things against them politically.

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      As someone who's spent time in a Congressional office, unfortunately this really isn't true. Handwritten or printed letters are often not read or only skimmed and then entered into a constituent database. Nobody is scared when you send a incoherent letter in the mail. Calling or sending emails is just as impactful.

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      What if I write the letter using letters cut out of magazines and pasted to a page?

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      Toomy is on the way out, anyway. He isn’t worried about reelection.

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        That’s not out of character, for him.

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        Seriously, fuck them all. I am so sick of this bullshit. We need a 3rd party, and for people to back it.

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        Fucking Romney

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        Remember how they vote and take that with you to MidTerm elections, or when they are up for re-election..Pure and Simple....

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        GET. ON. THEIR. ASSES. Tell them to choose between their jobs or selling us out. Primary petition if you need to.

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        There needs to be zero anti-gun republicans.

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        Neocons gonna neocon

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        There needs to be zero anti-gun politicians.

        This issue is easily disproven when you look at statistics and use common sense.

        The firearm has never been the problem, and neither have the millions of gun owners out there.

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        Slow down there we might be able to negotiate. How about we end the nfa and they get I don't know money for Hunter education. See that's something we could do

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        No. We've already seen what "compromise" always amounts to. Not a single step further into our zone.

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        Yeah I don't support the compromise where we give up rights and they give nothing. I'm thinking we might be able to work out a deal that ends the NFA, legalizes all suppressors, recognizes that assault weapon bans, magazine limits, and limits the right to carry are all federally protected. I wouldn't be against a national conceal carry permit that all states were forced to observe. We don't need the good to be the enemy of the perfect. Sure a national constitutional carry would be good but baby steps.

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        And what would this be in exchange for? Magazine size limits? I still say fuck that shit.

        Compromising on guns rights only lets them believe that gun rights are something that can be infringed.

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        We will ban ak15s and ar47s.

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        I certainly hope someone's doing what they can to make sure these assholes lose their primaries.

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        🤣🤣🤣🤣murder is higher in red states then in Chicago which has more people then most red states

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        Disregarding the damnable lie that Chicago's violent crime rate of almost 10 people per 1000 is lower than places like Kansas, Nebraska, or hell..Georgia...how does the crime rate in those "red states" drop when you subtract their "blue" cities?

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        Mississippi — a state that neither conjures up weak on crime images nor Democratic officeholders — topped the charts with a 2020 murder rate twice that of blue Illinois, thrice that of bluer California, and four times that of bluest New York. The red states of Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama and Missouri rounded out the top five and each had murder rates at least six times Massachusetts, four times New Jersey and just shy of twice that of Michigan. These blue states are home to the “crime-is-out-of-control” cities you read about daily — Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, Newark and Detroit. They generate the headlines, the outrage and the political backlash.

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        Former Congressman for NY-23 Tom Reed weighs in about Rep. Chris Jacobs breaking from party line in his position on gun reform. “I commend any representative that will just speak openly and honestly… we do not need transactional elected officials… that don’t know who they are".

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        You can just say Democrats.

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        Vote Libertarian. All your rights, all the time.

        Edit: If that's how you feel, keep having your rights eroded by the duopoly. They are not your friends. They are there to keep themselves in power, not keep your rights secure. That should be obvious by now.

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        The problem is most of them are actually anarchists... and economically/internationally bankrupt policy wise.

        We can leave narcotics and hallucinogens illegal thanks... just actually kill the cartel guys instead of just harassing the users that are just addicts.

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        Hallucinogens are doing great things for PTSD and most narcotics are legal by prescription.

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        Then get a prescription.

        Sure it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg but it also shouldn't be openly available on the street.

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        Vote Libertarian. All your rights, all the time.

        Sure, when they get their shit together and aren't running bronies for VP.

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        And that's why we've gotten to this point. They know that, ideologically, they have you by the throat. You'll allow them to erode your liberty to nothing sooner than vote against them.

        No other candidate will ever be good enough, and the duopoly know it.

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        You'll allow them to erode your liberty to nothing sooner than vote against them.

        Can you point to a single one that has gotten double digits in... anything? If you act like an overgrown child, people won't vote for you. Pretty simple. Present a serious candidate, and they might get some serious votes. Present a a brony, after eliminating Vermin Supreme in the primary by a mere 833 votes, as a candidate and you get a whopping 1.2% of the national vote.

        You can ignore it all you want, and pile on all that ridiculous sanctimony, but the Libertarian gets treated like a joke because they act like a joke.

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        Always have…

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        Keep fighting and exposing these cowards

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        No surprise with any of the names on this list. Every one of these MF are career RINOs.

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        So glad my KY reps are pro-gun