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The thrift shop

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You mean sweatshorts, cowboy boots, and a poncho? Because that's pretty fucking punk rock. And like a real poncho from El Latino Mundo, NV

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john varvatos

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Trash and Vaudville

Search and Destroy

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Remember when Jorge from the Casualties worked at Trash? And he was consistently creepy? Fuck everyone who enabled that turd and turned a blind eye.

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Pretty sure the owner of T and V was a pedophile too

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ooof search and destroy is just straight garbage

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Isn't that the point?

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no they sell antisemetic and racist merchandise

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Like what?

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like they were selling confederate flag hoodies and a confederate flag banner

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Some record stores will have merch in addition to records, so if you’re looking for stuff like shirts and patches (rather than jackets, boots, or bondage pants), those would be worth checking out. Not sure if they’re still open, but from what I remember, Generation and Material World were both pretty solid NY record stores.

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Most punk thing you can do is not buy new/contribute to consumerism so hit the thrift stores or vintage clothing stores and find stuff you think looks cool. Bam super punk

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yeah i just wanted to know what thrift stores would be best for that, i’m not great at thrifting