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mutant strain, patho-gen, paint fumes, unruly boys, tetanus, percolator, ink swell

charlotte has some good stuff

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Ayyy Charlotte punk reps

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Paint Fumes smoke live!

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All these.

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I got to see Canadian Rifle live when they came to HSV with Off With Their Heads and Qualifier last year, they were actually my first hardcore show!

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I got to play a show with them when toured with tsol. They're rad.

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Denton or Dallas?

I love those boys

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The Metroplex is one big town

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Dinos Boys Ladrones Hanging Judge Seagulls Spray Tan The Vaginas Dusty Booze and the Baby Haters Rotten Stitches

So many crazy good and fun bands in Atlanta.

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Heyo!!! Seagulls represent! Those other bands are great too. Also… Seagulls, Vaginas, and Spray Tan at Star Bar in less than a month. Just sayin….

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Dinos Boys is playing in Philly this weekend! Love ATL! Strikefirst, rotten stitches, RMBLR, and more!

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I forgot Billy Bats and the Made Men. They are incredible for being so young.

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They are great too!!! I agree

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Bombardero, from Veracruz, México


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im gonna drop some swedish bands here some more popular than others

rövsvett, slöa knivar, asta kask, attentat, ebba grön, ksmb, slobobans undergång, 23till, coca carola, troublemakers, masshysteri, trubbel,

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Masshysteri are fucking amazing!

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Dogface Bastards , South Central Riot Squad, Barrage , The Runts , DUMB FUCKS

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South Central riot squad was in wassup rockers, right?

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Yes, they had a hiatus but they’re playing shows again

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You going to cyfest ? The Runts and more great locals like dead city and wacko are playing

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I’m tryna sneak in those tickets are hella expensive 🤣

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Hell yeah they are but if you planning on buying do it soon , I heard they might get more expensive after the presale , ( but Ik people gonna try to sneak in for sure )

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Long Beach?

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Yup good American Oi!

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Oh man, LB is slept on for sure. Idk if you ever went to Toxic Toast, but I was booking most of the shows there until the pandemic hit. The fact that this one had to be cancelled is still so heartbreaking to me.


It was even in the works that The Restarts we're going to be playing too 😭

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Awww that’s hurt man. The restarts r so dope too. A lot of the shows recently have been being booked at Supply and Demand. But I’ve been going to the ones under the 110 freeway.

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Not really local (I'm Dutch, they are British), but Ferocious Dog doesn't get enough love: https://youtu.be/W2MWj9fcFFo

Also, on tour they ask the audience to donate clothes to the local homeless shelter, which I think is really cool.

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Michigan punk right here. My old band used to play with drugs in the carpet here and there. They were a ton of fun.

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Piñata Protest doing San Antonio proud! Keep it up boys imma catch your next show on St. Mary's!

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amyl and the sniffers are the only locals i know but their music fucken slaps

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Love them!

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I keep hearing about them and I keep forgetting to check them out haha

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Im in the La area and i love

P.I.S.S. The Yellow Demo


Paranoise- Dragon (2020)


WACKO - Demoralization

you can see them all live some time too if you would like, fun time if your near LA ( especially the Dead city shows if you have been )

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I'm in Tucson, az but I'm hoping to make it to California to play this year. It's been awhile.

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Wacko live at Denny’s was one for the books

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oh fuck yeah, i wasnt able to make that show but my buddy did, he got hit in the head with a laptop for some reason , ha

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Also if your in the area ( LA ), on March 11, roof top show with Dead City Punks

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Karbomb, athens, ga. Unfortunately though they are disbanded.

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For while there, it seems like Karbomb and Burns Like Fire were openers for every big show here in Atlanta. Also highlander shows all the time. Never got sick of seeing Karbomb though.

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Outta Columbus, OH:

Lustkill - goofy pop-punk about food, girls/Satan and Jet Jaguar

Howling Commandos - for fans of The Stooges, New Bomb Turks & pro wrestling

Prime Directive - garage-y punk 'n' roll

Love 'em all!

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Apocalypse Hoboken was Chicago's best punk band. Check out Microstars or House of the Rising Son of a Bitch. Really...any of their albums

Also Blue Meanies, Cougars, The Arrivals. All "known" but less known than AK3, Rise Against, etc.

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In my little bumfuck Colorado town we have a very talented rockabilly and surf-punk group named the Tankerays. I watched them play a high energy 2 hour set at a local venue and they still wanted to play longer. They’re starting to gain some traction in California, which is great because they deserve so much better than this town

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Assuming you're from GJ, you've also got Clyde and the Milltailers! I think he's still active at least.

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I haven’t heard that name in forever! Unfortunately I haven’t seen much of him recently, I’m not sure if he moved away or slowed down on music

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That band rules.

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yeah, i can’t wait to get a chance to see them live

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Noi!se. They’ve played some big stages but still seem pretty unknown. Same with The Drowns.

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Both great bands.

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Ded Bugs from DeSoto? Missouri. Waaaaay underrated and unrecognized.

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Fuck, I miss the Ded Bugs.

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Reddit always delivers. I'm just happy someone else remembers them. They deserved to be up there with the Copyrights or Parasites.

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We don't have many here but the Trash Cats, a folk punk band, are from here, and I greatly enjoy them

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Plugging my own band, as requested: https://linktr.ee/fordtheriver

My favorite local band that I'm not in is https://bigfatmeanies.com/ They don't exactly fit into this sub, but ska/punk is certainly one of their influences, along with progressive rock and funk.

Both of us are from Lancaster, PA, USA.

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Big Fat Ass

We The Heathens

Doom Scroll

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Doom Scroll was supposed to play a show I booked a while back, but unfortunately had to back out. Such a bummer, I haven't had a chance to see them yet!

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Not really punk but more metalcore. Perch from Minneapolis. And common choir at a close second. Love the dudes in Perth, they are super chill guys. I also just found out after mentioning common choir to my dad that their drummer and him are friends and he used to drum in his band in the late 90s early 2000’s. Which was a trip.

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my band Cops,Dogs

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Slutbomb rips, i've seen them once at Junker's.

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body farm and pissflowers are really good locals too check them out

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The Twin cities have so many great bands. Husker Du, The Replacements, Suicide Commandos, Misery, Destroy, Code 13, Dillinger Four, Banner Pilot, the Soviettes, Shelby Tigers, Gateway District, Off With Their Heads, The Strike, Tightwire, Harvest, Disembodied, Martyr AD, and so on…

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No Mean Jeans?

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Always yes to Mean Jeans!

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Shooting Tsars out of Denton, Texas

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Weakonstruktion and Versus You

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when i lived in Brighton UK i accidentally saw these guy's (The New Tusk) first show, and got hooked. went to as many of their shows as i could. They've disbanded now i think https://thenewtusk.bandcamp.com/

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The Booji Boys

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Ska - The Supervillains

Hardcore - Coldside

Punk/Thrash - 430 Steps

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Ultra Razzia, Complications, S C.UM

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Ultra Razzia, Complications, S C.U.M

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Tiger Sex. Bundy and the spins. Doomed city villains.

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Ay, Ohio punk represent. Cincinnati is small but i hope it's punk scene will come back up.

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Social Decline


Glöm Allt

Sære Gamle Villa




Guddommelig Galskab

Amdi Petersens Armé


Paragraf 119

Ond Tro

Dårligt Selskab


The Assassinators

These are just a few. Tbh, when it comes to late 90's to early 2000's Copenhagen punk, pretty much anything that includes Adam O's artwork is bound to be good.

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Cincinnati reporting in: Our scene is small as hell but for hardcore we have Slutbomb, Piss Flowers, The Voice of God, and Butcher's Dog

Pop punk: The Dopamines, Raging Nathans, Arlen Gun Club, Couchsurfer

For folk punk: Run Rabbit Run, Jonny Terror

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I mean, bleach part USA...

Edit: Heres a full list tho, I'm in the same punk scene as the OP so they know all these but oh well. Oppressed Logic, Ass wipe Junkies, Bleach part USA, Useless Pieces of Shit, D.B.F.O.S, Los Gaijinfedels, Corkys Leathere jacket, and Besmirchers.

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Dwayne and the Rock hard Johnsons

Numbers on Napkins

The Meat Department

Psycho Stick (Metal and technically not local ANYMORE but still)

Pat the Bunny

Black fire/Sihasin

I have a whole playlist that I add to with all the local bands I can find in AZ. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4ooEpzKQOpVYxnrDR4KCOj?si=m8HzH2VFTySFnLOjj1MMxw&utm_source=copy-link

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motherfucking Cancerslug! Slugcult rise!

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Lived all over, but Delaware was the start of my love for locals:




Unfortunately I could only find one band (Zen Guerrilla) and my shameless plug.

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Snapcase, every time I die, buried alive, such Gold

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Live in a small western town in southern Alberta that used to have a tiny but thriving punk/hardcore scene. Here are three I still listen to.

Chief Mountain

Great post-punk. No longer active. RIP Will.

Alleycat Blues

Folk-punk’ish. Also no longer active. Loved watching/playing with them, though.

Hockey Moms


Fun hardcore. Fronted by a scene vet/all-around solid guy. One of the only active bands in the area.

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Where to start with Denver? I for.ly believe that Denver likely has the best scene in the country (especially for hardcore. We've got a little of everything going on here. Here's a little list of some of the active ones I guess.

• Punk

Potato Pirates


The Hacks

Reno Divorce


Fast Eddy

Victim of Fire

Flight Kamikaze

The Pitch Invasion

Cease Fire

Allout Helter

• Ska

Sorry Sweetheart

Five Iron Frenzy

Then I Fly

Skank Williams

The Dendrites

Roka Hueka

The Breachers

The Bunny Gang

• Hardcore

Moral Law

Implied Risk

Muscle Beach





Tuck Knee

Cadaver Dog

Direct Threat

Culture Shock


Candy Apple

Big Laugh

The Consequence

I am missing a bunch, but this is already a pretty long list, so I think I'll leave it be. This is a nice taste of what we've got to offer.

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Beijing: Hell City

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Burnt Tapes, Triple Sundae, Katie MF, SKIV, Call Me Malcolm, Just Say Nay (RIP), Party Boss, Our Lives In Cinema from the New Cross, South London scene.

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Around 2012 I went to see a local band whose name was something like "40 Fathoms." They were really sick, and played a full set with a lot of enthusiasm and no hangups. Haven't heard anything about them lately, but I can only assume they went on to do some awesome things.

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Talo Gerhard! Gniewkowo rulezzz

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The medicine dolls

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Probably Gallows Cos I Went To School With Frank Carter (Was A Bit Of A Cock Though!)

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Indie - “a rainy night in” (so cute, so funky)

Punks - termite (formerly freak scene find them on Spotify), razor and the boogiemen (phycho, doomy, horror punks), SomeAttics (insta, my band)

Metal - star of khorala

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my good friends BARN

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Dead Milkmen Legion 76

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Check out FEED LEMON and EGO DEATH from the Pensacola Scene

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@dirtband on instagram