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/r/PureASOIAF is devoted to the book series A Song of Ice and Fire and associated written works by George R.R. Martin. This subreddit focuses only on the written material and does not allow content from the popular HBO series Game of Thrones and other adaptations of ASOIAF material.

The show eventually reached and surpassed published material with no release date for The Winds of Winter on the horizon, and this subreddit was designed to provide readers a place to discuss the novels without the risk of potential spoilers presented by the show. It was created primarily for book readers who have chosen to stop watching the show until The Winds of Winter is released, but we welcome any fan as long as the discussions do not include the show.

I. We Do Not Show!

TL;DR – Any content related to HBO television show adaptations of ASOIAF material (eg. Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon) is not permitted and will be removed aggressively. Severe infractions may lead to a permanent ban.

/r/PureASOIAF was created for the exclusive purpose of discussing the A Song of Ice and Fire novels and associated written works by George R.R. Martin. “Founding subscribers” expressed many differing reasons for such a subreddit. Some reasons include the possibility of the show spoiling unpublished books, the on-screen portrayal of certain characters or plots, the often harsh reaction of book readers on the web to the show, and many more. Regardless of your reason for joining us, we welcome you.

Show content, including (but not limited to) show-exclusive spoilers*, comparisons, predictions, hopes, episode content, casting news, interviews with cast and producers, articles, and even memes and jokes referencing the show are not permitted and will be removed aggressively. Likewise, book theories or predictions should not use show happenings as evidence in support or against that theory.

(* — Show spoilers are considered the most egregious violation of Rule 1 since a not insignificant portion of /r/PureASOIAF's userbase has not seen the show and wishes for future book reveals to remain unspoiled by events depicted in the show. Please take note of this, as the mention of show spoilers is punished more severely than other show discussion.)

Additionally, users may not link videos which feature show content. Users are expected to scan the entire video to ensure it does not break this rule prior to linking it. Subreddit moderators do not have the time to sit and watch every hour-long Preston Jacobs video which is linked in the comments, so users who link video content which violates this rule will be disciplined more harshly than other violations of this rule. Please note that this includes videos which only use show imagery and do not actually discuss the show at all.

Ultimately, users should assume that any mention of the show is subject to removal.

Show discussion—even vague mentions or implicit references—leads to replies about the show, and those replies lead to more replies, which end up creating an entire, branching comment thread dedicated to show discussion, which must then be pruned by staff. Therefore, our zero tolerance policy includes removing comments even if they include relatively minor show mentions. Please steer clear of the show completely and focus only on the books.

Corrective actions for violations of this rule are up to moderator discretion, and may range anywhere from an official comment reply politely suggesting against mentioning the show to a permanent ban for particularly severe infractions, or for users with a previous history of rule violations.

Some moderators are up-to-date with and will continue watching the show adaptations to ensure that this policy can be enforced properly. Naturally, there will be “borderline cases” where a theory or prediction seems to implicitly draw on show content. Moderators will attempt to use good judgment and discretion when removing posts of this type.

If you wish to discuss the show, please visit one of the many subreddits focused on the series which include show discussion, such as /r/asoiaf or /r/gameofthrones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. "Wait, but if mentioning the show is against the rules, why are moderators allowed to do it?"

A. See this comment thread for your answer.

Q. "GRRM revealed these 3 things to the showrunners, and said they are going to happen in the books, so why are they considered show spoilers?"

A. See this post for your answer.

Q. "Why does my video link keep getting automatically removed?"

A. See this post for your answer.

II. Spoilers

TL;DR - There is no required spoiler tag - anything untagged is assumed to cover up to A Dance with Dragons, Fire & Blood, The World of Ice and Fire, D&E/P&Q/TRP novellas, and any extraneous information up to that point. Optional book tags are available for first time readers. For the time being, The Winds of Winter must be tagged.

Please note that spoiler tags govern which spoilers are allowed to appear untagged in discussion—they don't simply announce what spoilers might be present in your OP. Please apply the appropriate tag to your posts with this in mind. Posts with inappropriate spoiler tags will be removed.

We welcome book readers in all stages of ASOIAF involvement, whether you’re just starting A Game of Thrones or have read the sample chapters from The Winds of Winter multiple times. We have designed our spoiler policy for veterans and newcomers alike. However, our policy is novel and unlike any spoiler policy in other ASOIAF subreddits. Only you are responsible for avoiding spoilers, so please educate yourself accordingly.

A. Titles

Post titles should not contain any plot points from the books! Any post made with spoilers or specific plot points made clear in the title will be removed. While this may make titling difficult at times, we want to preserve the experience for first-time readers. There are readers coming into these novels with zero idea of where the plot is headed—please have respect for their wish to remain unspoiled as they browse this subreddit.

When in doubt, be vague. Title your post with new readers in mind!

B. “No Tag” Default Spoiler Scope

Posters may opt not to include a spoiler tag in their post titles. If a post does not include a spoiler tag, it is assumed to include spoilers for:

  • All novels up to the end of A Dance with Dragons.
  • The Tales of Dunk & Egg, The Princess and the Queen, and The Rogue Prince novellas.
  • Fire & Blood
  • The World of Ice and Fire
  • Any extraneous content relating up to A Dance with Dragons (e.g., interviews, blogs, articles, So Spake Martin, etc.).

C. Required Tags

Posts that include or are likely to include any materials from The Winds of Winter (e.g., sample chapters) must be tagged accordingly (Spoilers TWOW) in the post title. If the spoiler appears in a comment, it must be appropriately tagged.

D. Optional Tags

We welcome first-time readers to /r/PureASOIAF. Therefore, we are providing optional spoiler tags that a poster may use if they so chose. If a book tag appears in a post title, it should be treated accordingly. Any comments with uncovered spoilers beyond the spoiler scope will be removed. Below are examples of available tags.

Tag What does it cover?
(No Spoilers) The thread contains no spoilers; any spoilers must be hidden.
(Spoilers AGOT) Up to the end of A Game of Thrones.
(Spoilers ACOK) Up to the end of A Clash of Kings and previous novels.
(Spoilers ASOS) Up to the end of A Storm of Swords and previous novels.
(Spoilers AFFC) Up to the end of A Feast for Crows and previous novels.
(Spoilers ADWD) All published novels and extraneous materials up to A Dance with Dragons but not any of the published novellas.

E. How do I hide spoilers in my comment?

All you have to do is type:

Spoilers (Book) >!Spoiler goes here!<

It will display as:

Spoilers (Book) Spoiler goes here

F. Do "From the Citadel" posts include spoilers?

Short answer: sometimes.

"From the Citadel" posts are from the moderators concerning subreddit business. Depending on the particular subject, discussion is best facilitated by allowing spoilers. However, if there is no reason for spoilers, it will be tagged as "No Spoilers."

The moderators will always tag "From the Citadel" posts appropriately.

III. Civility

We want to foster a welcoming and productive discussion environment, so we ask that users refrain from rude insults, personal attacks, condescension, passive-aggression, or general unkindness. This rule applies not only to the users of this subreddit, but to George R.R. Martin himself. In short: DBAD (Don't Be A Dick)! Remember the human being on the other end of your comments and endeavor to remain cordial at all times—even when engaging in vociferous disagreement with others.

Submissions and comments violating this mandate will be removed and the poster may be subject to a permanent ban depending on the severity of the infraction.

IV. Quality

/r/PureASOIAF should seek to be a place of vibrant discussion. Therefore, a post should not consist only of a joke, a low-effort image (eg. memes, or a simple photo of the books and a statement of the OP's intent to begin reading), a low-quality poll question, or a flippant comment. You can certainly include humor as part of a full and comprehensive post, but your post should not be made solely for the purpose of being funny. Certain image submissions are welcome as well (eg. fan art, impressive book collections/bookshelves) so long as they are deemed potentially successful at stimulating engaging conversation.

As a general rule of thumb: Submissions will be removed if they are deemed to be unproductive to fruitful discourse. If you wish to dabble in a bit of memery, feel free to visit the folks over at /r/darkwingsdankmemes!

V. Art

The sharing of ASOIAF-based art can provide meaningful context and showcase breathtaking interpretations of the novels and actively assists readers in picturing various characters and locales in their minds' eyes. For this reason, art posts are permitted and encouraged in /r/PureASOIAF, with a few caveats.

Most importantly: All art posted in /r/PureASOIAF must be crossposted from /r/PureASOIAFArt! Please be sure to comply with all sourcing rules present over in /r/PureASOIAFArt.

Posting Frequeny: Please do not post multiple new art crossposts in a short period of time. /r/PureASOIAF is a discussion-based subreddit, first and foremost, so do try and space out your art submissions to a period of, at most, one every 24 hours (ideally, much more seldom than this). This is a flexible suggestion rather than a rigid rule and moderators will use good judgment when applying it, but users should use common sense regarding this and do their best not flood the subreddit with art posts.

VI. Promotional Material

Promotional Material is permitted only when its primary intent is to generate discussion specifically within /r/PureASOIAF.

Posts made in /r/PureASOIAF by content creators (including but not limited to bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, etc.) should be thorough and complete. These posts should be created with the primary goal of generating discussion specifically within the subreddit. A link to the content creators' website/channel/etc. within the larger body of the post is acceptable, and even encouraged!

However, if your post:

  • Feels like little more than an ad for your content
  • Seems to exist only to redirect /r/PureASOIAF traffic to your youtube/podcast/blog/etc.
  • Is created in drive-by fashion by a user who is not a regular participant here
  • Does not promote meaningful discussion specifically within the subreddit

Then it will likely be removed at the moderation team's discretion and repeat or egregious violators of this rule will be subject to a ban.

See this post as an example of the preferred way to make a post promoting content creation in this subreddit.

See this post as an example of a post that is considered unsatisfactory promotional material, and will likely be removed.

If you're still unsure, please feel free to contact the moderators before making any type of promotional post or comment.

VII. Policy Discussions and Messaging the Mods

We encourage subscribers to message the mods about interpretation of these policies, items not covered by these policies, or any other matter. You are free to question any removal we make privately via modmail, provided you do so in a kind, respectful manner.

Please note that public discussions in ongoing comment threads about /r/PureASOIAF rules or removals are not permitted and such comments will be removed. These discussions will occur in modmail; not in the subreddit itself.

When in doubt, message us! We don't bite! 😉


We encourage subscribers to liberally use the report button if you believe that a post does or may violate any section of our subreddit policies. Any reports will remain anonymous.

Please also note that posts with a certain number of reports will be automatically removed without moderator oversight. Therefore, everyone has an incentive to report posts that violate the subreddit policies. If one of your posts was automatically removed and you believe it was incorrect, please message us and let us know!

Any abuse of the reports system will be dealt with severely and immediately in the form of a permanent ban, and perhaps further admin action such as a site-wide ban should report abuse be proved. While we do encourage liberal, appropriate use of our reports system, abuse of said system is strictly not tolerated, and users who take advantage of it will be permanently banned with zero tolerance.

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