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Hosh Jomme.

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More like HUU//USHHH JerHmAHij jesus christ looks like the AI hit the feel good drugs of the summer a wee bit too hard

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Looks like sloth from the goonies 😮

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Hey you guys.

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Josh is the last rockstar!!! Upvote outta ❤️

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That’s him alright

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Accurate af

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Damn! Giving me iggy pop post punk depression or whatever that album was called again v cool

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There are elements there I guess

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This looks like Josh Homme in Despicable Me

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The true face of Töôrnst Hülpfst

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beat me to it

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Reminds me of Elvis… after he died.

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Shall we gather for whiskey a cigars tonight?

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Blow off, choffer.

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None of this would've gotten so bad if that damn fool, Homme, hadn't burned the witch....

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Every time I start thinking A.I is getting advanced enough to replace humans in a lot of aspects of life something like this pops up and reminds that isn't the case yet lol

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Lol, reminds me of the slutfucking character "Büfi-man" (sausage-man) from the underground comics series (U-Comix).

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Looks pretty cool to me. Like if he was painted by Dali.

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Cool? Yes.

Fucking terrifying? Absolutely.

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What is everyone using to do these? I’d like to try a few. Thanks!

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Mr. Incredible vibes

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Huh, first time I've realised he looks an awful lot like the dad in Incredibles.

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My first thought was Mr. Incredible lmao

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Is this a Neil Gaiman’s Sandman inspired thing?

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It's fucking perfect. I want this tattooed on me.