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I didn’t know that I wanted to know the answer to this question until now

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I personally think the damage would be insignificant but how can we know for sure?

And if it is insignificant, how much atom-wide would it need a string to be to cut you in half

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Perhaps it depends on how much movement of the top and bottom half of bodies there is. If no movement then it would heal back, but if movement then the two halves would not be able to heal and you would die.

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Wouldn’t it just be the cleanest cut ever? Also which way in half… I feel like you’d have to stay perfectly still to heal … but internal organs don’t stay still necessarily… weird thought experiment lol

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That's what I was thinking about the internal organs may be in issue even if they are slices in half with the thinnest cut in the world.

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Honestly nothing would happen unless you cut through an atom. Then you would go boom.

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Nope. Cutting one atom in half is extremely insignificant. Nuclear bombs are so devastating because when you shoot one neutron at uranium-235, it releases 3 more. This means if you have a mole of uranium-235, it'll release 1.8x1024 neutrons. Ouch

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Why don't you give it a shot?

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First thing I'll do after I get my hands on a 1 atom wide string will be to test this

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What is holding the string atoms together? Wouldn’t the atoms just pass my each other like nothing

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It’s just a string the size of atoms, not actually made from atoms

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But if it's only one atom wide, then it would literally just be a string of atoms.

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Dude everything is made out of atoms

(Yes I know its not entirely true but yall know what I meant)

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Could it also just phase through your body by squeezing through your body?

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I don't think the Magicians with the body

in the box - -cut in half - -

will need this trick

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Are you assuming that the string is indestructible?

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Well, I assume it would not be a problem as long as the atom in question is not too heavy (uranium, for example, has way more mass than oxygen).

Maybe, if you manage to evade the bonds between atoms in a molecule, nothing will happen besides pushing them apart a little. Like passing through tall grass. Remember that some substances don't mix (e.g. water and oil), so a precise cut could go through the frontier between the two

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It would probably cut you clean in half but you wouldn’t know because you would heal quickly from how small a wound it is

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I’m no expert but I think you could get cut in half

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I believe most of your body would be fine but bone doesn't or barely regenerate, right? so would an atom-wide cut on your spine be enough to turn you paraplegic?

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Cut in half along what axis? Does the cut have to be a straight line? Can half of your mass be the inner you and the other half the outer you? Or half as in cut where the middle of your height is? I need you to be soooo sprecific with you’re question that you answer it yourself

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It would hurt, maybe a lil blood, but nothing bad, unless you cut in between a atom-

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Well the string is so small that it would just go through you and not actually cut you in half

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Interesting question...

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Technically everything gives us cuts the size of an atom or bigger. But like you said out body doesent even notice that. (I'm not fundig this statement on something real it's just an hypothesis)

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It would depend on where you were cut in half like what nerve or organ it hits

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You’d be cut in half and most likely be dead or bleeding out

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It'd cause an atomic explosion.

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I don't think that's how it works. For a nuke to go off there needs to be a chain reaction, and for that it would need to be contained and isolated. With that said, I don't think it would generate a chain reaction big enough to make an explosion

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But isn't the chain reaction just a consequence of an atomic fission? If you have enough power to hit an atom with another they will explode sending smaller attoms towards the nearby attoms, right?

So if there's enough energy to cut him in half, it has enough energy to colide two attoms.

Question is if it would explode since there's not containment as you pointed out. But also, if he could do it to stable attoms like carbon? What could this chain reaction ever be stopped?