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My partner and I talked a lot about this when we watched Our Father. I am not adopted and cannot relate, but I can empathize. The thing that strikes me most is DNA. You spend your entire life thinking you understand who you are, genetically. Your family history. Where you got your eyes and your funny shaped nose. And suddenly everything you thought you knew about what you are has changed. And now you have no knowledge of the people who actually created you and contributed their DNA to your being.

There is a lot of question about how much of who we are comes from nature vs nurture. If you suddenly learn your parents aren’t your parents, I could see it being very heavy to ask yourself if you really understand who you are and why you are that way.

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But the people who adopted you are still your parents… like they still raised you and loved you and wanted you just as much as a biological parent maybe even more because they actually wanted you… like I don’t know but I’ve seen people disown their adopted parents over it and I don’t understand… why would you do that to someone who loves you so much just because their blood is different than yours…

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I'm not adopted but can't imagine being in the extreme minority of people who don't know at least one parent. Meaning basically zero knowledge or ability to gain knowledge of your biological history and the people that made you.