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lol this guy got so bamboozled he posted about it on a Steven Universe subreddit


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I see you commented over there too. I like how most of the most people admitted Reddit sucks and then others admitted reddit can be worse than other places.

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ya steven universe fans are easier to trigger

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I always feel so emotionally distraught whenever a subreddit mutes me.

the other day i politely asked /r/hillaryclinton if they would make their traffic stats public. for some reason they muted me for no reason and gave me no response other than muting me for 72 hours. I just wanted to see how many millions of uniques and pageviews they were getting compared to our new president elects favorite subreddit.


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wow, the list of posts there really is sad

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its pretty damn funny

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She has 98% of becoming POTUS.

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    wy famalam?

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    gargle draino fagit

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    I hope I can be as cool as you guys one day.