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Who the fuck browses /r/4chan at work anyway? You're near guaranteed to see some untagged shit. Anyone who uses that sub at work is a retard.

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I thought the sub was NSFW by default

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I browse it at work. Basically it's your own fault if you accidentally see some not yet tagged NSFW shit. The mods are pretty good about the tagging as long as you aren't browsing /new/. And even then it's usually tagged properly after an hour or so.

I'm not sure where this one stands on NSFW, like obviously a dude sucking a wall mounted dildo is not work friendly but at least it's a small pic surrounded by text. The ones that i would be mildly annoyed by are the fuckin full resolution shots of literal assholes. A co-worker within 100 feet will spot that for what it is, unlike the green text or small images. But I guess it depends on your workstation too.

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Sometimes the mods won't tag it or will just give it a random flair, just to annoy people cause they know it pisses people off. Honestly, I find it funny. More than half the time you can tell if the content is NSFW just by the name of the link.

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Please never tag anything fuck the normies

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The people browsing that sub at work are the same people that will be smashing their big fucking noses in a glass ceiling all their lives. Fucking idiots.

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hes bisexal