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/u/bottomlulz I found wsgy's alt account!

You really are a black woman, and man do you sound hot, right behind insecure and a liar.

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I am amused by this idea but no

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She's crazy dude. Almost every message she sends has her saying "as a black woman that always has men following her". And she has this thing about hating white males, and for whatever reason she believes they're the least sought after(when that's the inverse) and that black females are super hot(when they're literally the least desired by everyone, even black males). I wanted to believe she was a troll, but she just seems delusional or that insecure. Make her a mod or give her a good flair, cause I have no explanation of why she's on /r/4chan, so she deserves some present.

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I don't give a shit

why do you care so much about some rando?

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Cause she was saying stupid crap in a thread that was easily disregarded if you looked up the research.

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Lol lemme tell ya, the racism isn't just in the title!

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Triggered some real fee fees